Hey guys!

I really loved the video about bossa nova style:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCrcpulSZCU (the tab is on 15 second)

I am a beginner and feel myself not very comfortable with rhythm that is more difficult than simple 1-2-3-4.

So I tried to put the tab presented at the 15 second into guitar pro, but it didn't work out. (Is the rhymes presented in the tab correct?)

I undestand how to play chords but I can't get into the rhythm. So I'd be happy if you help me and put the rhythm of the first 2 chords into guitar pro - that's the best way for me to understand it.

If you attach the guitar pro file you made, I'll fix the rhythm in it

Edit: Wait it's quick to do anyway.

You gotta use voices if you're doing this in GP - this rhythm has different durations for the chords and the bass note.
As you can see, from their tab there are 2 duration notations in that piece - one for the bass note and one for the chords. It's kinda bad to read, can't see a difference between quarter and semi note. The dot over the line means staccato and the one next to it means dotted note. This is how it would translate to standard notation
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