Just stopping in to say hello. I learned to play Blackbird on acoustic about three years ago off of Youtube videos. I have since learned parts of many other songs though still far from being skilled.
I recently came upon an opportunity to buy an original 66 Fender Mustang Daphne Blue with at least twenty years of tobacco smoke residue on it for $80. I threw some acoustic strings on it I had laying around and to me it has a real nice sound and feel. There is I believe though an electrical issue. When plugged into mic jack on PC I hear and see static when fiddling with the potentiometers through Audacity. At one point I was able to hear slight fuzz variances when touching and untouching the strings over the bridges.

I have had the pick guard and control panel off several times to inspect solder and wiring. I even popped open the volume pot in an attempt to adjust the slider for better contact. I am not sure maybe its a grounding issue. There is a small high E string ground coming off the bridge post bushing going into the control panel but it appears to just be touching the plate or pot. The brass body shielding looks to be all connected. Just trying to find out how I can get this guitar operational with the least amount of disruption of original. I understand if I have to I will store the old parts and just install new possibly..if it is even worth it.

Would love to post some images but I have no capturing capabilities.