which is better (realizing better is subjective) your thoughts
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Personally I'd go with a real amp and effects as required. I use separate pedals mostly, although I have a Zoom G3 (which I'd recommend to anyone) on my board for the rare occasions I need a bit of modulation or delay.

Modelling amps are good practice tools, but IMO you need to have progressed beyond them and perfected your own personal tone if you're gigging.

Why are you asking?
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well, i have 2 line 6 spider valve 4x12 cabs that i picked up for next to nothing. i want to purchase a head to put atop them. not being a gigging musician but a play along with a record in my middle bedroom (man cave sounded to rediculous to say), the modeling amp head like spider iv carries all the possibilities in sound i could ever want. at the same time, i thought a multi fx processor and a cheapy head may achieve what im looking for as well. i realize that the 2 cabs are well beyond what i need (hell, 1 cab is more than i need) but the price was tooooogood and lets face it, IT LOOKS BADASS in the "cave." i was wondering if the modeling head with the footswitch had more or less capabilities than the podhd500 or the boss gt100 ect.....i know that tube head lovers would say that my direction would be the pussy, digital wayout but i cant afford tube head and a bunch of pedals. plus i cant turn it up to eleven to get the full deal out of the tube head anyways. just a poser having fun
I'd get a multifx and look around for a decent head. You could get an audio power amp as a head. Even a cheap/powerful stereo receiver/amp off CL will drive those cabs if you are using a multifx for modeling and fx.
thanks dude...i see you are in orlando. i'm in altamonte have you seen the world famous trans ams?
I think it depends which is more important to you, amp modelling/EQ options or just effects. If the amp simulation or EQ control is what you want most, a (good) modelling amp is your best bet. If you just want to play with lots of effects, getting a basic amp and pairing it with a multi-effect is definitely the way to go.
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