Anyone know what amps have a similar clean channel to the Orange Dark Terror? I love the clean on the DT... possibly the coolest sounding out of many amps that I've owned (I have some other amps with great cleans like a Rectoverb and also a Black Pearl... DT cleans, to me, are just ahead of them!).

What is the DT circuit similar to? Is it it's own thing or related to a Vox design? I dont know that much about Orange amps.
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It's a high gain orange amp. The same circuit is in the gain channel of the TH30, and channel B of the dual dark (which I got demonstrated by the orange rep just this morning). The DT is probably the cheapest if you're looking for something cheaper, the other two are good options if you want more power. The dual dark 50 is, I must say, amazing.
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I am interested in the Dual Dark.. PRICEY though. I won't be getting one soon.

I guess I am just curious what non-Orange amps sound similar. There may not be any, but if there are I was just wondering.

Here is a loop I recorded when I owned the DT (clean tone, tracked L/R, using an active 7-string tuned F# B F# B E G C):