Hey guys! I'm Janke.

I'm a 14 y/o girl in a rock band called The Uncharted and we've been jamming for a few weeks now. We're at a rock school. I'm pretty serious about this band and my music and I've recently joined it because they needed a vocalist and I also do rhyth guitar and piano.

The rest are 3 guys my age who respectively do bass, drums and lead guitar. I've been having problems with the drummer. He wanted to organize a practise when the bassist was away on vacation, and started yelling at him when he couldn't make it (drummer wanted bass to come back earlier but bassist's father is an alcoholic and an angry drunk. He's afraid to argue with him.) Drummer accused bassist of not loving the band (we have only practised together five times.)

Drummer slacks off during practises, keeps wanting to outshine everyone and won't let you call him out on shit. He also won't let anyone pick any songs and only wants to do Black Sabbath and Pretty Reckless. Which, you can imagine, takes a huge toll on my voice and my confidence, since they always learn songs in the original key. I've tried making suggestions but it's never good enough. We've actually had to play a huge metronome clicking sound while recording because they won't listen to each other.

They're unprofessional, late for practise, off key and they make our mentor feel like shit every time he has to make suggestions for us to make us sound better. I want to leave because we clash, but I don't want to hurt bassist, a good friend's feelings. I also don't want to leave the rock school.

I'm not sure what to do about this. I've considered talking to our mentor but I'm not sure how he'll react. What if he says it's a bad idea? I'll have to feel like the band is something I wanted to leave for the remainder of the time the band still exists. (How long that will be, I don't know.) Should I ask the mentor if I can change bands and join someone else or just leave it completely?
so now i'm standing on the overpass, screaming at the cars, HEY! I WANNA GET BETTER.
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I'd explain to your band the position you're in, especially about how the songs aren't in the right key for you. Explain that it hurts to sing those songs and that you can't sing them in that key. If they don't change the key (or push to issue to the side) talk to the mentor about changing bands.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Hello! Thank you for your resposne.

I've already tried that. They won't budge. I'm quite expressive about my music since I work alone most of the time and I've been treated like crap because I'm a girl and because I'm the newbie. I'll give it one last go and just call it quits then. I can't work with people who waste time on drama and cry when they receive constructive criticism.

I feel so strongly about quitting but I'm scared I'm jumping out of the water too soon though.
so now i'm standing on the overpass, screaming at the cars, HEY! I WANNA GET BETTER.
^^^ I understand.

Don't worry about quitting this band so soon - if they can't change something as simple as a key to fit the singer, it's not the band you want to stay with in the future anyway.

It's possible that you and the bassist can catch up once rock school is done to get a better band going.

I'm not completely familiar with the rock school program, my only exposure to it is that my sister was in one or two over the years and I have some band mates who are teachers at them.

Is it possible to talk to the mentor about joining another band as backing vocals?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Music is the easy part, people are the hard part. Talk to your mentor and ask for suggestions how to resolve this. It may not be fixable but it's worth a second opinion. As musicians we often work with people we don't like much personally but finding common ground to make music is the goal.

My current drummer is a major pain in the ass but if we can get him to STFU and play we can lay down some most excellent grooves. It is what it is.
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