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I noticed yesterday that when I tweak the tone knob on my telecaster, occasionally nothing will happen (eg if it was at 10 and i twist it to 0 it will still sound as if it were at 10 and vice versa), then if I budge it a little bit it will change.
Should I automatically assume it's an electrical problem or could there be another, perhaps less "serious" issue, such as, oh I don't know, dirt?
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I had the same problem once on my strat copy. Just check if the knob is a bit loose.
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Either the pot is too loose in the hole or you just need to spray some contact cleaner in there. You can buy a can of Detoxit and spray it in the casing.
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tests it with a dvom. put in 1000k(omega symbol) and put one lead on ground the other on one of the two side of the pot. turn the pot and you should see the meter go from zero to 250k (maybe 500k) it will say on the knob. if it doesn't change, the pot is dead.
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