i'm looking for an electric guitar and need some help

i'm an intermediate guitarist , so i'm not looking for a cheap guitar

I play many styles : all that remains , metallica , daughtry , breaking benjamin ..... (rock/metal) songs

I'm thinking of schecter c-1 hellraiser , what do you think about it ? or an ibanez ?
and what guitars can you suggest for no more than 800$ or less more

so let's make this clear ,, i play rock/metal , the guitar must have a very good clean tone , and must have a very good freetboard for solos

what amp do you suggest ? and what watt ? 75watts or 30 watts ?
what multi-effects do you suggest ?
I need some info about floyd rose , is it hard to tune ?

I've played acoustic guitar , but never bought an electric guitar so i need much help

$800 budget, well first off that depends where you live. Are you saying $800 budget for guitar and amp? If so, that's not a lot to work with if you don't want something "cheap". If you are saying you have a separate budget for the amp then what is that budget?
Do you play in a band or just by yourself? You don't really need a 75 watt amp if you just play by yourself.
You mention "multi effects" but are you referring to a multi effects board or a built in effects board on a solid state amp? If you mean the board then are you looking for a tube amp?

Probably need some more info if anyone here is really going to give you useful advice.
Charvel Desolation DX-1 FR.

You get an Original Floyd Rose, EMG's and great build quality - all within your price range. There is a version without the Floyd though - also, they can be a pain in the ass if you have never had one before, but it's worth it. Tuning is easy it's just maintaining it and stuff but there will be plenty of videos on YouTube with help and tips.


UK website I know, but it's mainly for specs and the picture.

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