Hello from the Musician's Talk forum,

I'm wondering if anyone is willing to "donate" some words that we can use as a songwriting exercise in the MT forum.

We've had a few people recently stating that they are frustrated with the songwriting process (the music side) and that they are getting stuck. I was hoping to post some exercises to help people get past this and I think a great exercise would be to try to put music to some words. I could probably go out and find some words to use but know there are a lot of talented people in this forum so thought I'd ask here first.

We can set rules that anyone that puts words to music has to credit the author of the lyrics and/or that no songs are to be published or used in anyway outside of an exercise without the express permission of the lyricist. (similarly you could not use their music, melody etc without their permission - goes both ways)

What I'd be looking for is something with a clear structure following some kind of typical song form. I.E. Not a stream of consciousness type of thing. I don't expect the results to all be wonderful and some may sound awful. It's kind of a kick start really to give people an exercise to help with writing music and eases the pressure as they aren't starting from scratch but have a starting point to work from.

Also the simpler the better. A clear rhythmic meter is preferable and if you have a sense of how the melody might go then you could do a rough recording if you want. Be aware though that the melody and music would be entirely at the discretion of the participants writing the music so they may follow such a melody or disregard it entirely.

Clear words and meaning is also preferable. Basic and obvious is the idea. Complex metaphors, hidden meanings, and pretentious vocabulary can be impressive but can also make it difficult to really understand what the song is about. The idea is to give the participants something that they don't have to think too hard about but still has meaning so that they can focus on writing.

Basically an easy exercise to practice writing music by taking away some of the pressure of having to start from scratch.

Note: The participants may want to edit or alter some lines if they think it will work for the song. I don't want to cut you out though and would hope you could join in. Ultimately though it's about getting practice writing music. The genre and style of music they put your words to would be up to them.

At this stage I don't know if it will even work or if we will get any participants. Often when we set up challenges or exercises people are keen but flake out (I've been guilty of that myself a few times so can't really criticize I'm just pointing out that it may not even pan out).

Sometimes the results are pretty bad, sometimes they are pretty good. Be aware that some of the participants will be beginners trying to improve their skills and may completely butcher your hard work. You have to be willing to accept this and not let it bother you.

There is also the possibility that one or two results turn out to be amazing and lead to some new songwriting collaborators for you to work with. You would be welcome to join in and put your own version if you want, and can be as active or as absent from the thread as you like.

If you think this sounds like something you would be interested being a part of post back here or PM me and we will see if we can develop this idea further. This idea only just came to me now so but I have some ideas on how this might work but would happy to get your feedback.

I would love to participate!! This is my main issue in writing! I have many songs I consider lyrically finished, but have extreme difficulties adding the music!! Please let me know how to take part!
Hey i`ve got plenty of words.
been writing for a beginners uke group also.
As i can`t sing & am only a strummer i find it
hard to do anything with my stuff.
would love someone to have a go!