Hey guys,

I just wanted to gauge opinion on what you all think of local bands doing "teasers"

There's a quite a few local bands in my area, and as I'm in a band myself I tend to support and follow other local bands.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot more bands are now doing multiple teasers whenever they do a new recording or video.

Now I know this is standard practice for larger bands but these are your standard local bands. They generally have a couple of hundred likes on Facebook and maybe a hat full of true fans who'll mainly consist of family and close friends of the band members.

Now I'm obviously not against people doing what they want with their material it's just that as a standard fan seeing these constant "get excited, coming soon" updates it's a little annoying. I don't care enough to get excited. If you've not put up any new media in ages, then chances are I've forgotten about you; so I'm not going to get excited over a 2 minute teaser trailer of your new "single".

I'm of the opposite opinion with my band, and we've just uploaded a load of new recordings in full with free downloads. Surely it's better to get as much of your material out there in the beginning to grow a little love and demand for your music?

What do you all think? Are you pro teasers or not?
Well, a band is a business so...

Put it this way. Say you wrote an awesome novel, only no one really knows about it expect for your friends and family. That's alright for some, sure, but the only way you'll get it out there to a wider audience is doing blog tours, having a high visibility in the right groups, and so on. It may seem like over kill (and sometimes it totally is!) but you have to start somewhere.

And it's almost exactly the same for new bands.

Hard truth time: You can't expect to grow your audience through the power of you music alone. If that were true no one in their right mind would bother with chart music. Fact is they do because it's the easiest music to find. That says something, I think.

Pushing teasers on people who already know your band? Can be effective, but what about pushing them on people who are vaguely interested in the same sort of music but DON'T know you. Doing teasers because everyone is doing them? Just as pointless. The name of the game is to stand out. If teasers work for you, if it gets your current fan base excited then by all means use the hell out of them.

The main thing is to reach the people in the way they want to be reached. In other words, if people who like your music hang out at bar x then you need to damn well be playing bar x regularly, know what I mean? If they frequent a certain kind of social medium online (facebook, instagram, whatever) then maybe you should think abut finding them there.

It's just one of possible tools in your marketing tool box. You could rely on album reviews, spots in magazines, or good old word of mouth, just as much. There's no right answer.
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meh... I prefer to let it out with a bang.

When our band records new songs, we'll post a few studio pictures and make a few posts about how new stuff is coming soon but don't post teasers.

As the song(s) is getting mixed, we try to dig up new material (get a few pictures taken, get new graphics, find a review online, whatever) and then release the song and the new material at the same time, hopefully close to a show.

Our fans only have limited patience putting up with our bullshit music. I'd much rather they waste it by listening to a song and coming to our facebook to see it's been revamped rather than listening to a 30 second teaser for a crap song by a crap band no one cares about
In my opinion a teaser is only really worth it if you already have an established body of music and an established fan base. I'll watch a teaser for a band I am eager to hear new music from because I love their previous stuff. If you are a band I've not heard of before just give me an actual track to listen to.
Teasers are a great way to get the fans you already have to share you to fans you don't yet have. Their effectiveness is entirely based upon what kind of footprint you have in your local area already, though.

That said, they're easy to make and do the job quite well. They're just a different cut/edit of bits from the video you've already shot. It's pretty easy for a production company (or whoever you hired to do the video) to whip one up for you. If you've got some fans already, I'd say go for it.