Ok basic enough stumming patterns and me just don't get along. I don't understand them and cant identify which one to use for which song.

can anyone explain it to me, point out songs that includes them or present any help at all.

well. I mean, every song that has a guitar and chords probably has a strumming pattern. I'm not sure what you mean though.

Let's look at Out of the silent planet by Iron Maiden. http://youtu.be/WbSxzqA8QrA?t=2m47s
Here they're using a simple ghallop, like 0x000x000x00, where 0 is a strummed chord, and x is silence (the time signature is also 4/4).

Or Harvest by Opeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwWmxn48aEg´
These guys loooove 3/4 / 6/8 / 6/4 or whatever, so they're playing like 0x00000x00000x0000 (here it's 6/8)

This probably didn't help you much, but oh well, I tried.

Edit: for some reason it didn't link right, go to 2m47s in the Iron Maiden song.