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So, I've recently been re-listening to the reunion album, and I freaking love it. How do you guys feel about it?
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LOVE it!
Up All Night and Love Is Dangerous are probably my favorite songs on the album

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Nice. I am actually listening to Love is Dangerous right now, reading this. Haha. Seriously though, the whole album is fantastic. It's exactly what I wanted from a new Blink album. A perfect next step after the self-titled, with just the right amount of influence brought over from Angels & Airwaves and +44. I liked it when it came out, then didn't listen to it for a while and now I'm getting back into it. Been jamming it on repeat for days. So damn good. Snake Charmer and Fighting the Gravity are my two current favorites, but just about any song on the album could be it.
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I absolutely love it, some of my favorite Blink song on that one. Ghost On The Dancefloor, Even If She Falls, Wishing Well, After Midnight, Up All Night, Natives ... I don't get the people that say this is the worst Blink album, on the contrary, I find it very powerful, with a great AvA vibe from Tom, and it gave a new direction to the band !
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I like it but I don't think it's that good compared to their older records, it's definitely good on its own merit though. I think they're still trying to find their sound at the moment, in my opinion at least.
My favourtie tracks would have to be Natives, After Midnight, Kaleidoscope, This is Home and Even if She Falls.
Eagerly awaiting the new album, hopefully we get more vocal work from Mark.
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Me no likey, it has some cool darker vibes, but seriously this band has never really had strong albums...just strong songs and a lot of filler.
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