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Im looking for a good and inexpensive site to get a custom guitar body.
I basically need a gibson lucille... body.
Im really fond of the guitar, but i want to put in some vintage pickups, add some features, including.... basically. Its not worth buying the actual guitar as i only need the body, and the epiphone model while 2000 dollars cheaper has a worse body.

so simple question... where is the best place to get a custom guitar body? No paint,pickups,wiring, nothing, just the body.
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Check out the ES-335 guitar kits at He has great Maple veneer set neck kits with block inlays. If you can live with the F holes, then this might be the way to go. At you can see some of the 335 kit builds by other kit builders as well as Robert's other great kits. Make your dream guitar. Good luck
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