So I just bought a new neck for my Strat (06 Indonesian Squier (miles better than the Chinese Squiers I've seen)) and on the listing, it said it had a 2 3/16" heel. When it arrived today, I noticed it was a really loose fit. It's .6mm - .73mm too narrow. This is a problem because whereas normally I could put shims in the sides of the pocket and bolt the neck on, I have to drill the holes myself.

Here's the question; how the f*ck do I do that??

I know how I'd drill the actual holes (small 1mm bit in a pillar drill), but how do I shim the pocket accurately enough for the holes not to be in the wrong places? Also, the back of the pocket is flatter than the back of the neck, so I can't just hold it towards the back to align it.

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Are you asking how to locate the holes in the neck so that they match those in the heel?

If so, here's how I would tackle it:

1) Make the shims as you think they should be, put them in (not glued) and clamp the neck in place.

2)Run a straight edge down each side of the neck to the bridge and check that the neck lines up with the bridge and pickups. If it doesn't, alter the shims, and repeat the process.

3) When you have the neck shimmed and lined up properly, clamp it firmly in place and use a nail or drill bit through the screw holes in the body to make punch marks on the neck.

4) Drill the neck holes on the punch marks. If the neck is maple you will need to make the screw holes fairly big in relation to the screws, or you will never get them in. You can lubricate the screws with soap to help them in the first time.

5) If all this doesn't work, fill the holes with dowel that matches the hardness of the neck and try again.

6) If it does work, stick the shims in. I generally use double sided adhesive tape for jobs like that.

7) Then think about whether the neck also needs a shim for tilt.