Hey everyone.

I've been playing guitar now for nearly 12 years, almost exclusively acoustic. I play quite a bit, gig often (about 100 shows a year?) and whatnot... but my fingertips won't callous.

I can normally go right around 3 hours of straight playing before they get bruised enough or sore enough that it is hard to continue, if I gig the following day it seems to be about 2-2.5 hours before they get painful. Booking myself for multiple gigs in a day is extremely difficult to do because of this.. although I wish I was able because I am asked often enough.

Anything anyone can offer to help? I'm currently looking for small/thin gloves I could wear on my left hand, although the few I have tried really take away the feel on the strings obviously. Is it possible some people's hands just can't callous and I just have to deal with it?

Anyone have similar problems or have any suggestions to "force" them to callous?

Thanks in advance.
I have the same issues. What i've taken to doing is applying a small dab of women's acrylic fingernail glue to the tips of my fingers. It only takes seconds to dry and i'm good to go for hours.
My fingertips don't callous either. If I play for over 3 hours in a day on a steel string acoustic, a callous builds up for the rest of the day, but its gone by the time I wake up the next day.
Don't use gloves or anything of that sort it'll just make it harder to play without them.

- Heavier gauge strings, use them for a month then switch back to your normal strings, i guarantee you'll notice calluses.

- Rub your fingers on any surface, abrasive or semi-abrasive, 2-3 times a day (for 5-10 minutes) for at least a week, your fingers will hurt like hell but if you don't have calluses from that then your hopeless. And no i haven't tried it, but that's exactly how calluses form, friction.

- For when your performing, try putting a big pinch of baby powder in your hand and replenish it when you take a break during sets. It'll make it easier on your hands and fingers, plus your neck will be as slippery as a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

- Create finger snuggies?
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