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no I aquired it in a trade for future considerations
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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
The year rangers still sucked
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Starting to get fed up with Tallon.

Isles, who we'll be competing with for a playoff spot (if we actually compete), acquire two top-4 d-men while we sit around and do nothing.

We clearly, desperately, need a defensman. what is Tallon doing? sitting around playing golf?

The price on both Boychuk and Leddy was not particularly cheap, but we need the defensman, desperately. I'd have given a good prospect and two pieces of trash for Leddy (which is what the Isles gave up)

If this team gets off to a bad start this year, it's really time to start talking about finding a replacement for Tallon. He's all talk, no action. This offseason has been really disappointing.

Hopefully our kids shine and save his ass.