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So I haven't been on here for a while, but I am off to college . I need a new amp anyways (my old used ampeg has finally pooped itself). I'm obviously thinking of a small combo amp to fit in my dorm, but I also want a good quality amp. (I'm not trying to say combos cant be good quality).

I also have a 210 cabinet that I would want to hook up to the combo when I'm back at home.

I don't know if its a better idea to get just a nice head for home and a cheap combo for school, or just get a nice combo for both.

Any input is appreciated!

If you have a decent 2x10" cabinet already, then your search is greatly simplified. I would look at some of the micro Class-D bass amplifier heads that are available. There are some truly great ones out there: the GK versions, the Genz Benz versions, and the Markbass should be the easiest to find. If you are in the United States, take a look at the offerings from Carvin - particularly the BX250 and the BX500:

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I dont want to spend more than $500. I really like the idea of the TC BH250 right now.
The TC Electronic BG250-208 is light, cheap, small AND is the only one in the series that has the ability to add an extension cab.

What are the specs of the 2x10 cab you have? Details help in finding a matching head or combo.
My cab is also a TC. Its an RS210 that can handle 400 watts at 8ohms
How about an Ampeg Portaflex 500? It's 300w @ 8 ohms but 500w @ 4 ohms if you ever upgrade.

It's also the best amp that Ampeg do.

With your budget, you could possibly manage a second hand RH450. Definitely a winner with your cab.
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You might be able to pick up a second hand Markbass Mini CMD 121P in your budget.

If you decide to get just a lightweight head you could go for a second hand Markbass Little Mark or Eden head. Or the GK MB500 is pretty sweet and would fit nicely in your budget.
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I have never even heard of the portaflex series, but the head looks really nice. Do you know if the build quality is any good? (I know some amps are made in china). And I'm not interested in used equipment anymore; I have awful luck with it.

I'm gonna make a trip down to guitar center soon and see if they have the Ampeg or TC
There were some issues with reliability in the Portaflex series (specifically the heads). I believe Ampeg were fixing the affected amps though, and that the vast majority of owners ran into no issues. As I understand, it's since been ironed out by Ampeg, but perhaps somebody else can confirm/deny this. I wouldn't let it put you off at any rate, they're great heads IMHO.
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I came across the Fender Bronco 40. I usually try to stay away from fender amps, but I watched a youtube video, and it actually sounded pretty nice. Especially for the price. And some of the amp settings seemed really cool. Does anyone have any experience with this amp?
Find a Bass Pod XT. If you're going to be in a dorm room, I'd suggest you get used to using earphones, particularly with bass.