Last few weeks have been hectic gear-wise. I bought a used PRS SE 245, immediately modded it, then traded it to my tech a week later. I got a Genz Benz El Diablo and a 4x12 Marshall cab out of the deal, which I had less than a week before I sold it.

The proceeds from that sale went towards my first bass rig today. Thanks to some good advice from the guys here in the low-end of UG I feel comfortable with the Ibanez SR300 and Fender Rumble that I picked up.

I live in Savannah, GA, aka Crap-vannah. The only good used gear around here is the stuff that I or my tech sell on CraigsList. When I am looking for used gear I usually look in Jacksonville, FL, which is about 2 hrs south of me. Thankfully, I happened to look in the Charleston, SC CL on Thursday and found the Ibanez SR300 and hard case that was just posted for $250. The thing is brand new. I bought it off a college professor up there, a really nice older guy who is an excellent classical guitar player. He was in the local Guitar Denter one day and saw it, thought it was pretty and had to have it. He never played it or bought an amp for it. It's been sitting in the case for a year.

TLDR: I scored huge

Before picking the amp up I drove to the GC in Charleston and bought a Fender Rumble. When the deal was done for the Ibanez I drove right home and have spent a little time getting to know it.

So I get the amp out, plug the bass in.... and nothing.

Lights are on, but nobody is home kind of thing. Cannot get a sound out of it. Adjusted all the settings, swapped cables, powered it on and off, prayed to whatever fictional deity might be listening while dreading the 2 hr drive back to Charleston to return a faulty amp to GC....

Dumbass, it takes a 9v battery...... Dear doG I felt like such an idiot. In my defense it has probably been 12 years since I had a guitar that took a battery for active pups or, in this case, an EQ.

My tech got it straightened out for me.

Here are my impressions, and keep in mind I am a total bass noob, but a fairly experienced guitar player. The bass feels lighter than I thought it would, which is a good thing. I can't stand and play very long, but I could see myself thumping away for a long set on it. The neck feels very nice to me, easy to get my little hands around. Also, I can set the bass much lower than what I can my guitars and still play comfortably.

I like the fretwork. It is nice and smooth, no fret sprout, and there doesn't seem to be any high spots up and down the board. In all honestly, the frets feel much better than several Gibson guitars I tried out earlier in the spring. I have zero complaints, but keep in mind I don't have a lot of bass experience to work with. I think the quality is good, the neck and body feel good, and that is the number one priority to me. If I decide I don't like the pups as my ear for a bass gets more educated, I can change those. But I can't change the feel of it.

The amp.... it's just a placeholder for now. If I stick with this I will definitely get a better amp. It does it's job, which is to amplify the noise I am making. For $100, I can live with that. I almost bought a used Peavey amp at GC, but that thing was so beat up it looked like it would have fallen to pieces during the ride home. I decided to just get the new Rumble since I had the cash from selling the El Diablo and cabinet.

I think I really am a bass player at heart.

Once again, thanks for all the help. Any helpful comments and suggestions are always welcome. I also enjoy taunting and name-calling.

Grace and mojo to the UG,

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HNB&AD!!! That's "Happy New Bass and Amp Day!!!" You are definitely off to a very good start!

Welcome to the Low End, my friend!
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HNB&AD!!! That's "Happy New Bass and Amp Day!!!" You are definitely off to a very good start!

Welcome to the Low End, my friend!

Thanks! I feel like I got a good price on my rig. Also, my wife is very patient and kind to put up with my crap and let me spend the money I do on such things.
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I feel like it takes a little more pressure to properly fret a note on the bass as it does compared to guitar. Is this correct?
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Yeah, that would be right, a bass string is a lot thicker. You'll soon get used to it and hardly notice the difference.
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Yeah, that would be right, a bass string is a lot thicker. You'll soon get used to it and hardly notice the difference.

Thanks man!
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So in my first weekend learning how to play bass I had a lot of fun, explored the instrument some, and came to the conclusion that bass is much different than guitar. I always knew that, but it was surprising to see how much different it is.

For one, I have a very light pick attack when playing guitar. I found that when I play bass I really have to dig in more to get the punch that I like. That is going to take some getting used to. Also, considering I have to apply more pressure on a string to fret it properly.... the difference is feel is considerable. I think many people don't really understand that.

I feel like it won't be that hard to learn how to play along with a song, and even get the job done in a gig. But to master this instrument and make the most of it..... it's going to take a ton of work.
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Very nice new bass. I've got a weak spot for the look and sound of the SR series, especially ones with maple fingerboards. Shame I could never get used to their necks.

Enjoy the bass and welcome to the family.