For recording purposes. I put this in the pit but ew.
I was thinking a MacBook Pro. Preferably I'd like to not spend more than $1,500. I plan on using it to record "professional" music (with a band) for the next four years in college.
Halp plz.
Depends on the interface you plan to use.

You can get a Windows PC that will be spec'd just as high, or higher, than a $1500 for less than half the cost. The biggest downside to it being that you'll likely only get USB with it, and can't expand to FireWire or Thunderbolt.

A Macbook Pro is going to give you Thunderbolt, so you can run FireWire or a PCI interface on it, which is super handy. That being said, if you only plan to record 1-2 tracks at once... even up to 8, if you have a decent budget, a Windows PC is still the cheapest and most cost-effective route.

Neither one is really better - the Mac has Apogee and Metric Halo, which are excellent, as well as Logic Pro, but that doesn't mean you can't get the same thing done on Windows - the Mac is just optimized a bit better for the audio side of things, but not so much to spend twice the money IMO.
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