I'm a bedroom recorder/musician. I want to get some good drum mixes going on so I've got two options. Right now I've got an audio interface with midi i/o as well as 6 XLR/TRS inputs. I also have an acoustic drum set located in the corner of my room. I'm wondering what would be the best way to go about getting the best drum sound.

The options are: Should I go with buying some OH microphones (I've already got an AKG D112, a Shure SM57, and Audix F10/F15 mics. All given to me.) or should I go with buying an electric drum set and using that to trigger my Addictive Drums plugin?

I'm definitely looking for something that won't hurt the bank, but will still give me a good, practical way to record a good drum sound. As far as electric sets go, I've decided on buying the Simmons SD5X for $300, if that helps.
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If you already have the interface, & the drum kit I would buy the mics. Nothing beats the real thing. IMO
For that money I'd get a pair of shotgun condensers to use in the recorderman shape, plus one snare and one kick and one hats mic.

If the budget's really low, a pair of samson C02 will do fine, though if you can afford them I'd go for a pair of avantone CK1 or sE4.
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