Hi guys. I wanted to buy this audio interface(Focusrite Scarlett 18i8) to record guitar cover for a youtube channel i am cooking up. Also i was thinking about buying the shure SM7B for recording extreme vocals. Can someone advice on the subject or suggest something else regarding equipment choices...?
The 18i8 doesn't sound good.
It also will barely have the pre gain to drive an SM7B.

If you don't need to record more than a couple channels of audio at a time I'd go for an apogee duet if you have a Mac or an Apollo twin if you have a pc.
If you do instead, get yourself a saffire pro 40 or a motu 828 or a mackie onyx blackbird.

The SM7B is a nice mic indeed, and will likely be suited for what you wanna do, but just to be sure, what do you mean by "extreme vocals"?

Also what stuff do you wanna exactly do?
I mean, record one part at a time and put the thing together, record a full band... ?
What other equipment do you have?
And what's your budget?
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