I've seen two directions people have gone, the outside of the thumb and side of the palm (pinky side).

For a little while now, I've been trying to use the outside of my palm, but it feels terribly awkward when muting just the low E or E and A. To keep my hand that high, I need to raise my shoulder into an uncomfortable position. Today I've tried out using the side of my thumb, and it just seems to work so much better. Still not extremely comfortable, though it's now when I down towards B or e, but not like before.

I assume it's just something that will be uncomfortable till it's been hammered home a hundred more times, but something still bother me. When I'm playing on the high E, I can't mute the low E... will that become a problem? Or is 100% muting just a fool's goal?
And is there some reason to use the outside of the palm over the thumb?

Thanks in advance!
If you're playing on the high strings and just want to generally mute the low strings to dampen string noise, you don't have much choice but to use the side of your hand. It takes some getting used to, but it's just something you've got to do. Personally I don't use my thumb for any muting, but I've heard other guitarists who are much better than me talk about doing that to mute a specific string, so I'm sure it has its uses.

For playing chunky rhythms on the low strings you've kind of got to use the side of your hand too for that semi-mute effect, but if you just want to put an end to a note then, like I said, I've heard other good guitarists talk about using their thumb.
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I always use the side of my palm.
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You can Try the side of your palm its effective you'll get a good chunky sound when near the bridge when getting away from the bridge you'll get a light palm muting effect...//personally i prefer near the bridge for dark Muting/m\

Ive also developed a technique for palm muting in acoustic ..IN drop(C,d,etc) suppose you wanna mute E5 Power chord then place your fretting hand( Index Finger) a Fret ahead holding F5 and Rake strings 4,5,6..with your middle finger and pick strings... (sounds cool if done properly..... )
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I use the side of my palm. Hence the term 'palm muting'. That leaves your thumb open for other duties.

Based on you saying "To keep my hand that high, I need to raise my shoulder into an uncomfortable position", I'd guess you're playing the casual position. Try classical instead. Rest the guitar on your left leg (right leg if you play lefty) and raise the neck up. It may make things a bit easier and more comfortable for you.
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