Hi! I'm looking for something to start off recording. I was looking at this http://www.allansbillyhyde.com.au/prod/9900-65326-00/Avid_Fast_Track_Solo_Recording_Interface_with_Pro_Tools_Express.aspx since I'm only going to be using one guitar and had a few questions. I have looked at the sticky and it lists the best as the scarlett 2i2 and it's equiv but I can't find it in Aus (well, at least locally) and was even looking cheaper if it will do the same job. I'm only looking at recording 1 amp so I only need the one input.

* Is this going to be good for guitar recording (distortion mostly)
* What kind of microphone should I get for recording
* Besides the interface and a microphone (and stand), is there much else I need
Firstly, wow billy hyde couldn't even save their website... (I'm WA, they shut down their store here when they lost all their money).

Now, onto your actual post. I'll note that the recommendation is the 2i4 not the 2i2, the 2i2 lacks some important stuff that makes it less than optimal (notably a pad switch, the focusrite preamps clip really easily without it). Now that that's done with, are you sure you want to record your amp. Not saying you shouldn't, but we get our fair share of people with spiders/vypyrs who want to mic their amps because 'real amps sound better' which just isn't the case with most low end amps. If you're absolutely nailing the sound you want (with your ear up to a rulers length away from the speaker) then go for it, otherwise amp sims are a serious option (and a guitar link can be had on eBay for <$15, don't buy it from any stores they'll charge you like $60 IME).

If you're still on recording your amp then the fast track will do, but I'd look into others if you can. I'm sure if you go to a few stores (online catalogues are worthless) someone will carry or be able to order in the focusrite.
For what microphone to get, if you're only recording guitar then you probably want something like an sm57 or a clone of it. There's others that do as well or better but nothing is quite as versatile and indestructible as a 57.
If you're just tracking, you'll need that stuff and some software. Most interfaces come with a demo of something. Try it, see if you like it. Chances are these demos are enough for your usage. If you don't like it check out Cockos REAPER.
Awesome reply I'm looking at a Peavey 6505+ combo in a few months so if there's modelling software I can get that has the 6505, noise gate and overdrive and/or TS pedal option, that might be the way to go for now, though I am worried about the slight delay that USB might present.

Definitely open to all recommendations for hardware to use with the software too.

On the note of billy hyde it was more I figured they'd have it, not who I'd buy it from :P
If it's just for I guitar, I'd get an unbranded guitar link off of ebay, download some Nick Crow's or LePou's stuff, some ignite amps stuff and be done with it.

All of the software is free so you can always decide to ditch it in favor of something expensive if you don't like it.

Another thing about the scarlett range is that (at least the 2i2 to the 6i6 which have the same converters and pre's, I'm not sure about the rest) don't sound much good.
For the same money of 6i6 you could get a mackie onyx blackbird or a ruland duo capture ex or a used apogee duet and so on, which are much better.

For a direct recorded guitar though, sound quality isn't much of a concern, so a guitar link will be just fine, especially if you wanna distort the thing.
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I don't agree on the sounding bad thing. My 2i4 sounds as good to my ears as the Pro 40 a mate has, and seeing as I've seen the Pro 40 in real studios I think that makes it suitable.
But for direct guitar most things will be fairly comparable, I didn't notice any sound difference going from the USB out of my BP355 as opposed to going direct into my 2i4. The latency on the guitar links are usually not too bad, around about the same as most lower end interfaces.