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Well at least it isn't more hand drums. I'm toying with the idea of an electric cello myself.

I found some more basses:

Swift Acoustic Fretless
This was £30 new but played as well as any acoustic bass, i.e. really, really badly. Currently in the possession of Lloyd Yate's bass player who gave me a tenner for it so I could buy groceries. Apparently it goes by the name The Blue Beast now.

SX Precision Bass
I don't remember much about this one. Someone had gone to the lengths of putting a QP in it and fitting a Hipshot A style bridge, weirdo.

I'm still missing at least two.
I still need to get a good one. There are enough well paying gigs out there for it that the cost wouldn't be a big issue. The one I use now sounds like a buzzsaw
Jon which one was the "Sparrow" bass?

Quote by anarkee
My friend is selling a viola. I have no idea how to play a viola.

I'm buying it anyway. There's a moral there somewhere...

The moral is that there's no good reason not to!

It's why I have so many ukulele's and am looking to add a banjo. Because bluegrass.
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Spector and Markbass
Quote by Tostitos
Jon which one was the "Sparrow" bass?

That was my favourite precision bass (the one I sold for £100).

I stripped the 'vintage' lacquer off.
Quote by Spaz91
For all the heartbreak it caused, it wasn't worth it. Call me dramatic.

Would a Sandberg or a Cataldo ease the pain?

Cause thaaaat would make the collection really pop
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Spector and Markbass
ESP LTD D-5:It was my first non-Ibanez/Fender bass and it was monster slap machine until I traded it for my ESP LTD F-414FM.

ESP LTD F-414FM:I got this since I was getting tired of having a bass that was a perfect slap machine and nothing else than that. I also wanted/needed a 35" scale 4 stringer for my Bb Eb Ab Db tuning.

ESP LTD F-415FM:It was supposed to be my backup to the 414 but It plays and sounds different from 414. It doesn't get played much other than recording or practice sessions.

Fender Standard Jazz V-I got this bass when I was in my "Let's Expand my Tonal Palette" mode.It was decent bass stock but it was soon modified with DiMarzio UJ's and a brass Hipshot A-Style bridge. I sold it since it was sitting in it was a case queen in the year before I sold it. I still regret selling that bass along the next to be mentioned.

Fender American Standard Precision V-My gigging Fender which unfortunately got gigged too hard and needed to be retired/sold. I found out later that the guy that bought it bass sold it a month later a friend of mine.

Fender American Deluxe Precision V:Similar to the AMStd PV but had a preamp and a TJ pup. Nothing more than case queen in my first year of owing it but it got gigged to oblivion after.I sold it since the neck was warped beyond repair and it sustained crack along the back of the heel.

Ibanez BTB-1005:This bass was "cursed" since every time I gigged the bass something would go wrong with it. From broken strings to the odd volume pot going dead. I learned my lesson that buying blind was the most idiotic thing to do.

Ibanez BTB-405:It was a home practice bass that was stupidly left overnight in a deep freezer. Sold it to friend in Japan who wanted project bass.

Ibanez BTB-775PB-My third BTB bass which never seems to run into problem other the odd fret job. This makes this main gigging bass since nothing seems to go wrong with it and it sounds/plays great.

Ibanez SR1306:My first 6er that I've owned and has seen it's days. It's a first year model with Jazz shaped dual coils. Retired from gigging and band practice.

Ibanez SR4005e:I play it rarely since I've retired it for the instability of the neck in the variable weather I get where I live.

Ibanez SR5005e:I got this bass at a police auction at a 75% discount. My dream bass that I play daily and doesn't seem to wear like it. Rarely leaves home though...

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special:My el-cheapo bass that's been heavily modified.
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That is a nice collection there Dark Mass. I see you have had a few ESP's. I saw pics of a T-Bird type bass a few days that ESP made and thought it looked pretty cool. Have you seen it and if so, what do you think of it?
Ibanez SR1200E
I still have my custom Jazz bass I put together five or so years ago. I plan to smash it into pieces when I eventually replace it, but I haven't played consistently enough lately to justify dropping that kind of cash on a new one. The tone is my biggest issue with it, but I'll never be satisfied with a bass's tone.

I still have my defretted Yamaha RBX170. As it turns out, I'm not a big fan of fretless basses. This one will also be smashed at some point.

And as an honorable mention, I still have my piece of trash Fender "Starcaster" guitar, but that thing's just collecting dust. I'll smash it eventually.
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I've had a fairly measly collection of basses, but here goes:

Past Basses

Peavey Milestone III in bright blue: First ever bass, bought 2nd hand in 2003!

Not terrible, for a first bass - got me off to a decent start in playing, after I struggled for about 2 years with acoustic/electric guitar and eventually gave to my brother when he started playing bass in a band. He quit the band after about a year of gigging and sold it for weed money.

Ibanez SRX505: First and only 5 string

I originally wanted to play guitar, but after buying my Peavey, I took it a lot more seriously than guitar, and ended up getting this for Christmas in about 2004. My parents took the advice of the shopkeeper in the local music shop, which was along the lines of 'if he ever wants to be a pro, get him a 5 string - no pro's play on just 4'.

I had a blast with the bass, and learned a lot about relationships between the notes (looking on the internet what the 5th string should be tuned to, led to an obsession over music theory). Got into Primus and tried learning a lot of songs, before realising that Les Claypool uses a 6 string. It played well, but was very uninspiring after a while, because I felt that I wasn't allowed to use a pick on a 5er and could only play metal, and I began to covet the look/feel/sound of Fenders.

Pickups were super hot and active, and I ended up selling to my cousin, because he enjoyed it more than I did. He eventually changed the low B for a high C and used it in a noise punk band for a while, before selling to buy a motorbike (that got stolen, but that's another story).

Fender MIM Jazz Bass (Fretless): First proper bass

Finally bought a Fender in about 2006/07, and played probably hundreds of gigs between then and early 2013, when I sold it to fund my current bass. The lined fretless made it easier than unlined to play, but was still an effort. I'm still unsure why I decided I wanted my only bass to be a fretless one, but I was on a Jaco trip and wanted to sound like him.

Needless to say, being MiM, I sounded nothing Like Jaco. It sounded nice and warm, with the fretless 'mwahh' sound almost hitting the spot, but no matter what strings I tried, I couldn't ever sound like any fretless bass I'd ever heard before. I stuck at it, because I had bought it from new, and just dealt with it being a very bland sounding bass, while playing in any band that I could.

Current Bass

Fender Precision Special 1998 MiM

After finally making the decision to sell my fretless Jazz, I happened to play a friend's P bass. I had always thought I preferred the thin neck and growly sound of the Jazz (too much Rush), but playing the P was a revelation. The neck fitted my hand much better (I had sometimes gotten cramps from playing the Jazz) and the thump was incredible. I was a little worried by the lack of bridge pickup (where I usually rest my thumb), but paid little mind to it as I vary from pick playing to heavy fingerstyle (think Scott Reeder) and figured if it bothered my, I'd add a rest.

So I watched a few on eBay and ended up winning mine for £300.01. I suppose it can be called a vintage (being over 15 years old) and has upgraded hardware and pickups in a PJ setup, so I can anchor my thumb as I did on my Jazz. Sounds and plays divine, fits any genre of music and never fails to make me smile when I play it. Definite keeper!

I'd love to add a Rickenbacker 4003 in Mapleglo to my stable one day though, but for now, my P bass is my only bass and I couldn't as for more, really - though perhaps maybe a clone for different strings (flats sound amazing on it, but for my band's music, I need the zing of stainless steels.).
All the basses I've owned over the last 7 years.
1. Maria-2001 Squier P-Bass: Named her Maria after I put a sticker with a Dia de los Muertos Virgin Mary on her. Learned the basics on her and not much else. Currently is sitting on a stand in a friend's apartment in Baltimore.
2. Dean Z bass: Honestly sounded decent but was a chore to play, never connected with it. Could shoot arrows from the fretboard the action was so high. I think my drummer has it right now.
3. Elle-Ibanez SR505: My first 5 and the bass I really started to get comfortable with, used as a back up after I got my Corvette. Currently needs new strings.
4. Eve-Warwick Corvette: Played almost all of my old band's (Feeding Ciacco) shows with this, the stock preamp caught on fire during a practice one day and was replaced with a Bartolini, never sounded quite the same.
5. Lisbeth-LTD TA-200: Bought this when I joined Demiz, replaced the stock pickups with EMGs last year. Currently in A# but was in D, C, C#, B, and E at different points.
6. Kristin-LTD B-1004: Named after my fiancee, the best sounding bass I owned until my most recent additions. Lots of good memories with her.
7. Natasha-Spector Legend 6: My first 6 string and the first bass I put Circle K/ Kalium strings on. The headstock was signed by Derek Boyer from Suffocation when we supported them in February. Replaced all the electronics with EMG parts and pickups. Insanely heavy in tone and weight.
8. Maja-LTD F-5E: A gift from my fiancee and one of the best sounding basses I've ever played. A breeze to play. My current main bass.
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Squier vintage modified fretless jazz bass really couldent get any good sounds out of it... keep im mind im playing in a rap fusion band it was loaded with duncan designed pickups but it just sounded straight up weak.... sold it a few months after buying it
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