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Hi guys, so ive been playing for 4 months now. Was away for a month so technically 3 months. I can play easy songs, Bm A C F D G Am Em E. Comfortably. Im starting to figure out strumming patterns (YES! *punches air*) and i am now venturing in picking. Im working on the riff for 'She will be loved' by Maroon 5. And its going quite well. ( I realized how stiff your hands are when they are cold).

Im can do picking excercises, but not like pick with my thumb-middlefinger-firstfinger-ring finger. Only thumb-first-middle-ring. Does that make sense? Any tips advice, excercises? thanks!
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There are combinations that are trickier than others, I understand, and I would say the best way to practice them would be to do metronome practice on one at a time; treat learning a new technique how you would treat learning a new piece, that is, don't try to many at once, and only move on when you've got it or given up all hope To make your practice less tedious, use those chords you've learnt already and come up with your own tune