If anyone is interested here the Basschat 1x12 cab has been gigged in it's 'beta' version.

Cost to build £150 UK
14.5 Kg
45-6000Hz -10dB
350W AES Thermal limit.

This is a very transparent cab with an uncoloured sound, I like it but I designed it. Have a read and let me know what you think. Full instructions to follow once I have finished testing and have built the final model.

What? No pictures?

32 lbs. for a 1x12" cabinet sounds a bit heavy. What kind of wood did you use?
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Pictures are on the Basschat thread more to come as it moves from the prototype to the finished article, we have a bit more testing to do first. I'll happily answer simple questions here but I'll keep the detail over there to save doing everything twice.

The cab is made of lightweight 12mm ply with a fair amount of internal bracing. The final version will probably be 18mm ply with less bracing. It was my intention that the cab be easily portable rather than attempting a specifically lightweight design. It has a ceramic magnet driver, obviously a neo driver would lighten the weight but this driver gives the sound we wanted at a very good price for UK/European residents. The cab would be suitable for the Eminence 3012HO if you are based in the States. This gives a broadly similar bass response but a more 'voiced' top end, less neutral than our design but likely to have a very nice sound in its own right. For me it's a one handed lift which is OK for a single speaker capable of 122dB and enough to drown out a drummer.

The idea was to design something of the highest quality whilst being easy to build. We didn't want the complexity of multiple drivers as in the Greenboy designs so it was a design goal to get the best results we could from a single driver.
One of the best. features of the Greenboy (and Alex Claber's) designs is the light weight. I'd much rather build with bracing and light plywood than with thick plywood and more weight.

The "complex multiple drivers" of the Greenboy design allow a one-handed lift -- by a girl.

More importantly, the dispersion of frequencies above about 1400Hz with the greenboy designs remains pretty wide. I'm wondering what to expect from off-axis response when you start getting into the upper regions with a single 12"... You're also quoting specs at -10dB. How's the frequency response at -3dB?

I think the main positive in this cabinet so far is that it's relatively cheap (not at all a bad thing). How would you rate its performance relative to a good 2x10?
There are clearly advantages to be gained by a midrange driver both in frequency response and dispersion but at both extra cost and build time. If this design proves successful I may add further designs.

I can't make any claims about dispersion as I haven't measured it.

Like I said the aim was to make it an easy carry rather than an out and out lightweight, as a home build you could easily adapt the design. The bracing itself adds weight to the cab and the more there is the heavier the cab. It is a compromise between sound and weight to a certain extent. Alex has said that weight saving is not really the reason for his bracing which is mainly about increasing rigidity. Using the 3012 would save over 2kg, but would nearly double the price of the cab if you were prepared to pay the extra.

The specs are provisional and the upper frequency based on the manufacturers spec the lower on the computer models. We'll measure the frequency response once the design is finalised.

It's pretty hard to say what a 'good' 2x10 is as that depends so much upon taste. I use a 2x10 as my usual gigging speaker and the sound levels and amounts of bass are similar. This speaker goes lower more comfortably and sounds more 'open' to my ears with less colouration than most bass speakers and the frequency response goes higher than a typical 2x10 but without the 2-3kHz resonant peak you'd normally expect. It's probably close to the smallest you can go and comfortably keep up with a drummer. One of our design considerations.

One of the things I intend doing is to get some other bassists to try it out and comment, I'm probably not as objective as I think
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