Starting to get way too many guitars and wanting to thin out the herd, hahahaha. Anyways, this is a discontinued model that Schecter used to make called the ATX series. They made the Strat style bodies and the flying V models. You can still get the strat type bodies but the V's have become rare, almost extinct; no doubt this guitar is going to increase in value, but I just don't have the time (or space) for it. Even going through Ebay, Amazon, or just plain old Google, I could barely locate these. The one I DID see was from the Guitar Center Used Gear section and they wanted $650 for just FOR the guitar. I am asking $600, BUT...

it also comes with the hardshell case.

I know by looking at these pictures, it looks like one of those lame gig bags that offer no real protection, but the inside is molded and fitted for a V. It's really weird; you'd have to see it in person, but I promise I ain't trying to scam ya; it's a hardshell case, made by SKB. I truthfully never have seen anything like it until I found the case myself.

Feel free to email me through here.


-24 Frets
-Seymour Duncan Active Blackout Pickups
-Neck Through Body
-Mahogany Neck/Body
-Ebony Fretboard w/ arrow inlay on the 12th fret
-Yellow Binding, Matte Black Finish
-Intonation and action set by me (I do any and all guitar repairs...been playing 13 years)

P.S. Would trade for an electronic drumset or an Epiphone Firebird.

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