You may have seen my other ad for another guitar I'm selling (the Schecter ATX V), and as I said there, I'm basically looking to thin out the herd of all the guitars I have. This is no different. This particular Les Paul model is called the "Blackback"...probably because of the ehh...black back on it. It is a limited edition run of unique guitars that the Epiphone facility decided to make, so in any case...these are not Les Pauls you see every day! BUT in any case, on the truss rod, it also says "Custom Shop" so, take from it what you will (and the pictures I have posted). I myself paid $550 for it used, but I had to go and get a hardshell case for it ($100), so I don't think that $500 is a ridiculous price. You'll probably pay $500 at best going through Ebay or somewhere else, but you'd also have to pay shipping. So a much better deal going on here.

You'll notice on the neck of the guitar it is sanded down. I did not do that myself, but I think it looks pretty cool because it gives it the vintage look of a Gibson (without the hefty price tag).

With all that being said, feel free to email me. Thanks!

-22 Frets
-Stock Pickups
-Set Neck
-Mahogany Neck/Body
-Ebony Fretboard
-Block Inlays
-3 Way Selector Switch
-2 Volume/2 Tone Knobs
-Black Pickguard
-Hardshell Case

P.S. Would trade for an electronic drumset or an Epiphone Firebird.

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