I've got a show tomorrow and the cold that I've been shaking all week which has settled in my throat. I'm trying to cough up as much of the leftovers as I can, drinking hot water with honey and lemon, turning my shower into a sauna, chicken soup, etc. Does anyone have some fool-proof plans for this fool to get my throat cleared in 36 hours?
Rest and vocal rest. Try to not cough unless you are hacking up the sputum. Plenty of fluids. Gargle salt water.

Don't talk. Like at all. Not only does your body need to get rid of the sickness, but your voice will need to heal from all of the stress put on it during the coughing phase of the cold. Don't expect a great performance from yourself. Instead, be as enthusiastic as possible and just make a joke about how you've been dying all week and have just recently been resurrected or some bull shit like that the fits your style.

People will understand. If they don't? Well fork 'em. We are all humans.
One litre of really strong onion and garlic soup. I was skeptical but I friend made it for me last time I was sick and I woke up the next morning cured!