Hi all,

Just had a small question about the way this guy sings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJGYGZPE2pw

At the beginning, he softly sings the first couple of notes. He then sings those same notes but is he singing in chest voice? I've never liked my chest voice so I always tend to sing the lower notes in a soft whisper, like he first did in the video.

My question is if you are suppose to sing with your hard palate when singing with your chest voice? or soft palate?

Also, if he is singing in chest voice the whole time? I'm having a hard time being able to tell...

Any input would be appreciated, thanks
I listened to the first 1:10ish. All of it is chest voice. The first part where he's singing softly sounds like mixed voice. In general, unless you switch to head voice, to sing higher notes, you need to increase your volume, which he does. It's basically a light belt. From what I hear, those aren't low notes that he's singing, they seem to be in the 4th octave. I haven't got my guitar with me right now as it's late so I can't make sure but it's possible that you're singing it an octave lower than he is if you consider it low.

I'm actually not sure about the hard/soft palate question, sorry.
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Right, thanks! My voice is similar to his except I sing it in a different key because it would just be way too muddy and low for me if I sing in the key he is in.

Thanks for the input
He doesn't sing very low at all, unless you are a woman that is.