I just learned that Jim Hamilton, the luthier who made Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Main" guitar, the one with SRV's name inlaid on the fret board, is making 30th anniversary reproductions.

He made some 20th anniversary reproductions in 2004. All total, he's made just over 50 reproductions of that guitar. The ones that are on Ebay all of the time aren't his.

Time for me to start counting my pennies.
Oh, good. I need another $10K guitar for my SRV shrine. Surely this one will be special and unique in a way that all the previous ones exactly like it have been special and unique.

I sure hope they wait another 5 years to make a 35th anniversary one.
i don't think the hamiltone was his main guitar but it's cool kit for sure.

it's a baritone right?

bacchus made some cool srv's. i need one of those for 35k yen.
I really enjoyed SRV, loved his playing.

I have absolutely no interest in having a guitar that looked like his.

Your mileage, however, may vary.
I'm not a huge fan of sig models in general, but I greatly prefer those that just mimic the specs, not the wear & iconic appearance of the well-loved guitars they emulate.
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