I'm pretty confident in other areas of music, except for my singing. Ive been trying to write my own ep for a while and this is what i came up with. Most importantly, how is my singing? I'm pretty scared to sing in public, but hey with anything in life I've learned, it just takes practice.
I personally don't like your singing. I'm confused, are you singing out of tune deliberately? It sounds to me you can't hold a pitch (when you actually get the right, you lose it). If you are trying to sing to out of tune stylistically, then you need to make your intention clear in the music (that's a tough thing to do).
I must say your song writing is pretty good though, you seem to have a good foundation for a harmonic language and how to use it to create your own sound world. But your rhythmic language is largely underdeveloped, and that drew me out of your sound world. But that's just my opinion though.
hey thanks for the critique man, i appreciate. I will work on the pitch issues for sure.