Hi folks,

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When travelling this summer on the west coast, because I started playing guitar recently, I bought an accoustic guitar (in Banff) so I can continue to practice. Then I had a silly idea: instead of reselling the guitar to a pawn shop, I decided to give it to someone who will use it and continue to take some pictures of it in cool places. Please see:


The guitar is currently in SF, close to Chinatown and ready to be picked up by anyone willing to continue this project. Please contact me by private message or through the FB page.


Great idea Fred... I hope it finds a good home. Who knows, it might come back to you one day.
Thanks for your comment. I hope to find the next owner this week or the guitar will end its life in a dark closet =(
Alas, the guitar is disenchanted and wants to leave. I found her hitchhiking this morning along the roadside, suitcase in tow. I asked her where she wanted to go, but she didn’t care, so long as it wasn’t here. Broken hearted, I had to agree, and so I wished her safe travels but insisted that she mustn’t leave in this way. So I promised I would find her another home. If any of you are interested in saving the guitar from Petaluma boredom, please come forward. Thanks.

You know I read an article about an idea similar to this. I think it was even going to be made into some documentary or something according to the article.

Someone started a "traveling guitar". Inside the case was the guitar, and a simple recording device. Each new artist would have the guitar for 1 week. They would write and record 1 song with no editing, and then pass the guitar along to another artist they knew. Each artist would also sign the guitar before passing it along.

It sounds like a pretty cool idea to me and the participants really were getting into it. The traveling guitar idea had installments in several different US cities and some in other countries as well.
Awesome idea Fred and so generous too, will certainly be keeping up to date with the progress on here / facebook
Hi folks,

the guitar is still waiting in Petaluma for its next owner. Anyone willing to participate in this project?

Paying it forward...cool! I hope the guitar finds a happy home. Maybe you can call the project "playing" it forward.
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The guitar is now in Santa Rosa. 3rd stage. Still looking for new owners to continue this.
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