Hello! I'm mostly a lurker around here, but I have been checking out a lot of the other bands on this forum, and I wanted to share my band!

I play bass for A Victim A Target from Miami FL, we currently have a single out called Harbor of Liars with our old singer, but we are coming out with our first EP (with the new singer) soon!

Any tips, reviews, critiques are welcomed and will be appreciated! I would love any feedback or any discussion really lol

A Victim A Target Website


Soundcloud <- listen to single here!

Thanks in advance!
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just a guess from your name... misery signals fans?

To be honest, the person who chose the name isn't in the band anymore, and I joined a long time after. That being said, I have heard the song A Victim A Target and like it, but I don't really listen to Misery Signals. I think other members in the band do though
Hey! My band A Victim A Target is trying different ways to raise money for our EP "Tales of the Broken". We are asking for everyone's help, and would it would mean a lot to us to be able to put this out for everyone sooner! If you would like to contribute, donate, share, or preorder our EP, we have set up an Indiegogo campaign with the link below.


Help us make this viral before time runs out! Thanks!

Also, any advice or feedback about the campaign, the video, our music or page in General is always appreciated!!
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your clean vox are amazing!
didn't like the screams tho..
waiting for more!

Appreciate the listen and feedback, thanks! I'm definitely going to be posting up the EP link here when we release it next week, would love to hear what you or anyone else thinks.
Hey everyone, I'm extremely excited to announce that my band, A Victim A Target, has finally released our EP after almost 5 years of work. I have been in this band for over a year now and have worked hard on this EP as well, so it really means a lot to all of us.

Listen and purchase:


The real reason I post on to this forum is for HONEST feedback! PLEASE comment with thoughts, ways we can improve, or just your opinion on anything: MUSIC, branding, social media presence, ways we can get our stuff out there more, the more feedback the better.

Don't be too afraid to really dig in either. I like to think I have thick skin, and I appreciate honest feedback that rips into our stuff than making up something to be nice

Thanks in advance!