Hi all,

Impossible questions coming up!

As the title suggests I am pondering one of these two guitars as my next purchase. I know they are totally different but I love the look of both. I was a 90's kid so my tastes are Oasis, verve and all the rest.

I'm going to go to my local guitar shop and try both, but what do you guys think? Any preference and if so, why?

I've read even 2 guitars of the same model can sound different, so try and buy the actual guitars.. Is this still the case?

If so, would you ever spend £2k - £3k on eBay for an acoustic? Saving can be nice, but is the risk of getting a dud worth it?

Would you try them in a few shops then buy your chosen one on eBay to save money?

That's my biggest question I suppose. Save on eBay, or wait till I have the extra money to buy new?

Both are really nice, but I think I'm swaying toward the J200, but it's a grand more expensive. I'm defo in the critical stages of GAS and not wanting to make a rash decision heh.....

Any thought?

Being both cheap and poor, I'd check out the Guild "GAD " series: http://www.guildguitars.com/instruments/?series=GAD%20Series.

The Gibson J-200, (every model), is maple B & S.

The Guild D-55 is Rosewood.

The two woods sound entirely different, So, basically in sound, as well as body size and shape, you're comparing apples and oranges.

My preference is the jumbo shape, in whatever brand.

You can get quite a bit of what the J-200 is about, by buying the Epiphone EJ-200. Not all mind you, but a lot.

Personally I wouldn't buy a used acoustic. The longer one "lives", the closer it becomes to needing a neck reset.

I won't use Ebay at all, but that's a personal demon. Other people shop them regularly to good results.

Based on the old axiom, "if you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it", I'd dial back my ambitions a bit.

Guild has 4 jumbos in their GAD lineup, (2) six string, and (@) 12 strings. These are Asian built to very high standards.
I've tried a few J-200s, and they have all been clunkers. However, there are reputed to be some good one's out there, especially in vintage category. You might need to remortgage your house to get one.

I would just go try them and see., though I would naturally be inclined towards the D55 it it came to a choice between just those two. FWIW, I would be looking at something like a Gibson J-45 in a choice that only included Gibson and Guild in that price range.