I am a professional animator and I make 3D animated music videos at a fraction of the price most studios charge. I can make you an animation for your 3 minute track for just $30. The animation can show a performance or a story connected with the song (or a combination). I make the animations using 3D models which I film from various angles, adding lighting, dry ice effects etc. Prices are based on $5 for each thirty seconds of animation. You can even order a thirty second sample for $5. Ideal for youtube or other promotional mediums. How am I so cheap? Well I moved my entire studio from the UK to Bulgaria where it is very cheap to live (and I work incredibly long hours). See samples and read revues here:

Link to Information Page http://www.fiverr.com/helpwithschool/create-a-3d-animated-music-video-for-you
To see samples scroll to reviews at bottom of page and click on camera icons.
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