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Definitely more than a few good moments in the last 10 years considering Octavarium was in the last 10 years. Systematic Chaos had some good moments. Black Clouds had some terrific moments. A shame that while Mangini is a great session drummer, his writing chops are piss poor and are the biggest reason the last couple albums have been closer to meh than mega awesome.

i feel sad now that dream theater's passed their prime and probably won't return to their proggier roots
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Not even excited for their next album.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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Dream Theater have had one really good moment in the last decade.

The vocals in this bit of the song are pure Awake to my ears. It typical goes off a bit shortly after this but never mind.

edit - it's supposed to start at 11:10. Don't know why it isn't.

I can't even remember what that song sounds like (I'm not in a position to listen to it atm), but I remember after several listens I deemed it the most disappointing thing they've ever put out.
I reaaally liked all individual sections, but they just didn't work together.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

The single sounded like crap and I had completely forgotten about it. Maybe I will buy it when I have more money to frivously spend on random crap.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

I get furiously irritated by the autotune at around 1.23 in "The gift of music" on the word "time". That descending autotune just make it sound like they didn't bother to get the vocals right.
Personally, I like any music I can get into and listen for a while for various reasons. So Dream Theater is a good band, to me. Pull Me Under, On the Backs of Angels, Peruvian Skies (these might just be the older songs going for them). I admit I have not listened to any newer stuff from them simply because I go solely by Youtube shuffle for newer songs of bands, and DT hardly ever shows up except with those 3 songs >< But I will definitely check out more of their stuff later on
I like most of the new album, but holy fuck the first CD has way too many songs and an over reliance on ballads. I think if you reduced the number of tracks to be about the same as the second disk this album would be a 9/10 in my opinion.
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I admit I have not listened to any newer stuff from them simply because I go solely by Youtube shuffle for newer songs of bands

Definitely not the way to listen to Dream Theater, if you want any chance of really appreciating them. Especially this new album. All of it is so conceptual, and depends on the context of the rest. I absolutely love it. It's pretty much blown my mind, and I think is their best work since Scenes From a Memory, which was the last time they went all-in with a concept album. But even so, as much as I love the album, out of 34 tracks, there's about... three or four, tops, that I will probably ever listen to outside of a full album run through.
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I hold that view of mine for any band I listen to, even my favorite ones. I could care less about which album it is as long as which songs work out well is listed more. I always have gone by songs, never by albums :P Mostly because there are 2 or 3 key songs per album I generally find, and then the rest turn to crap. But fair enough, fair enough
I heard everyone hates the new album

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
A lot of folks are raving about how godawful the newest album is, but I would have to hear for myself how it sounds, and I am busy with other tabs and covers and such. Maybe later

Godawful, absolutely not. Except for the glaring autotune glitch that someone pointed out, it's high-quality prog metal and one has to appreciate how goddamn hard the band works. Petrucci and the gang are literal machines with their unbroken biennial/triennial output since 1989. Could they seriously not retire off their income by now?

But man... talk about "Be careful what you wish for". I mused last year that I'd like less of a "br00tal metalz" sound and something more like SFAM or SDOIT. Well, I got it. 34 fucking tracks of it.

Is it possible for a fan to "progress" from progressive music when it becomes too progressive? To me it feels like, 10 or less tracks from any artist/band and I'm good. It's why I love BC&SL so much – 6 tracks, not much filler. Many years later, it remains a favourite. Everything since then is just "for the collection".

As for the story, I just don't have the attention span to get into that stuff anymore. Again, I have to give huge props to the effort Petrucci and LaBrie have put in – it's their life's work – but there is no way I will ever have the mindset to sit down, read a lyrics booklet and follow along with a story. I'd rather read a genuine novel, or listen to some ASMR girls read me a story.
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Fair enough, fair enough. I only heard from a few others and may or may not have looked into it only briefly. Having looked further into it, I can see the album is massively favored. Personally, I don't mind having so many tracks from a singular group or set of groups if I at least enjoy the music. That's usually what I do: just spam random shuffle on Youtube and see if bands show up again xD If they do, I will listen in as much as I can.
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longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
One Amazon reviewer said it best, in that Megadeth's Dystopia was a much better interpretation of the 'dystopian world' theme than that of DT's album. I get that Petrucci and co. are heavily influenced by the classic prog rock bands, but on Astonishing they're trying to express too many of those influences at the same time. It's like we're simultaneously hearing an incoherent mishmash of Yes, Rush and Pink Floyd.

SFAM was way overblown and it's never been a huge favourite of mine, but it worked in its time – and just the once. Astonishing feels like too much of an effort to one-up something that can never be touched. Then again, I don't miss Portnoy's faux-grunting/growling either – I would hate to have that back. What I'd like to hear is Petrucci hand over the songwriting and lyrical duties to someone else, or at least a large chunk of it. It sounds like he's been micromanaging the whole band since ADTOE.
DaFjory - I wholeheartedly recommend finding 2 hours at some point to sit down with this album. You don't need the lyrics sheet, just the song descriptions from the website.

They have a track by track description of what's going on.

I had been struggling with this album, and Dream Theater ever since BC&SL.

This new one is a masterpiece though. LaBrie nailed Nafaryus, the story has more going on than I first realised. Seriously whenever Nafaryus turns up it's awesome. Lot's of little inter-relationships aside from the main Good vs Evil story.

Musically it's challenging I think because you can't treat it at all like an album with songs, it really is a rock opera, there ARE themes/atmospheres for each character/place that really change the tone. Good example is the Empire turning up in Ravenskill during "The Saviour in the Square". Awesome.

Daryus is a little shit - see the end of "A Life Left Behind" and when he is eavesdropping in "Ravenskill" and what he does in "A Tempting Offer". The conversation between Arhys and Faythe is great in "Ravenskill".

A New Beginning has a big reveal for the story that changes the way you look at some of the characters. Also happens to have pretty great guitar/keyboard solos in it and a funky bassline towards the end.

edit - and this is just Act I

edit -

Act II kicks off really in Moment of Betrayal which stands up quite well on it's own tbh.

The Path That Divides is quite an important moment in the story, some nice riffs in it too. Proper fight scene.

The Walking Shadow provides another twist and a big sort of breakdown moment.

It all gets a bit happy from there tbh. Our New World has got a nice riff to open it up.

Overall good album. I think it would get somewhere close to the top 5 DT releases, but unfortunately you kinda have to listen to it as a whole and it is simply too long to invest that much time into regularly.

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"rock opera" caught my interest, but if they were serious about it being a full-blown rock opera they should have invited other vocalists to play the other characters the way Avantasia and Ayreon does. Trying to believe LaBrie as all the different characters just doesn't work for me. I found it weird in Scenes from A Memory too.
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