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well.. ill try my best. this is as best as i can describe it, me being pretty untrained in music theory. scales is a combination of notes that fit a pattern. say you had a song with that went C, D, G.. you could solo in it using the Cmajor scale or Aminor scale, because C Major scale has no sharps/flats, neither does A minor, and neither does that chord progression, so the notes won't sound "wrong". I could be wrong, but thats how I view it.

since when is D in C major??

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Originally posted by heggazz
2nd degree

they were talking about chords, and the person said D (major) is in the key of C. and its not
Thanks a lot you guys for the help, I'm gonna get to work with these major scales.
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What you want to do is learn how scales are made up, and how you build chords out of scales. Then learn the scales in patterns all over the fret board, just don't always use the same shape, or else you will get to used to it and only use one. Try to learn a few scales all the way over the fret board (every note that is in it on every string) I find if you learn everything you can aboutwhy we use scales, and chords and figure out why some chords are called things like "Abm 7th" and things like that, it will be more useful than if you just know the names and shapes of scales.
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