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i dont know man

derek trucks plays the ragas on his guitar, check that **** out
straight edge party

hahahahahahahahah........ its an oxymoron

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Freelance and by Freelance i mean self employed and by selfemployed i mean im a bum
Victor Wooten was decent at slapping with a drumstick at a show of his that I saw. His guitarist also had a ton of delay and flange on while tapping which was cool and very ethereal.
chorus + wah mixed with natural and pinch harmonics (the pinchs are really hard to pull off with no distortion but so worth it for the sound) and the ocasional open note can render some really crazy surreal sonds. i can waste away a half an hour playing around doing that...built around a main concept/riff....quite the amazing powerful thing if done creatively i think.
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