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solos usually turn out best for me at least when i make them up as i go, and you just have to know how the song goes what key its in etc. but just try to solo over songs and stuff like whe nthe songs playing idk just practice improv it will improve ur solos in the long run
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You have to develop themes.

I like to think in terms of solo sections, and try to make each section as strong as possible.

Say I'm going to set up a solo like this:

Pentatonic blues - minor 7th arpeggio - jazzy octaves

I'll "write" the solo in terms of knowing when each of those motifs is going to happen, but then I just improv the individual sections within that motif structure.

I try to get a really strong, sick blues thing going, a really slick, slidey approach to the arpeggio and then a really smooth octave jazz thing.

In other words, don't think it notes. Think in terms of expression. How could that blues part be stronger? Those are the questions I ask myself.
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I think up the solo in my head, let it bake for a couple of days, pick up the guitar and have a go. You really shouldn't force it, just play what sounds good and works.
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i start with little licks or frazes,..then i put them in the order i want them, then i put in bens and other stuff, then i try to move somewhere els on the neck, and then play a bunch of fast stufffrom one end of the neck to the other, maby do some tapping, and do some more frazes or licks

it depends on also where you can just play what you hear in your head,..i cant do that yet other wise id have writen thousands of kick ass solos, i think we all would have
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I usually have the scale or key predetermined before I solo. I then doodle around on the fretboard trying to get ideas. However when I perform, I don't always use the exact same solo that I practiced with, except some parts of the solo which kinda gives it an 'identity' so I know where to go at.
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i record a backing track on a small tape recorder then play it to myself over and over while humming ideas for a solo. then i play what i thought up humming on the guitar.

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As I'm a crappy guitarist, I usually just play the chorus or the main riff over in a very solo-ish way. Sometimes, when I'm feeling special, I actually think of something, and it's usually blues-ish.
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well i use the penatonic major scale, for me and other guitarist i know best kind of scale to make solos
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Just make stuff up and have i little fun, but always use a different pattern.
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