Im pretty much going to do this like beat did, a bit of rig at a time, so any questions can be asked about speicific peices of gear. Plus it gives me time to find my digital camera if any of you want different pictures of the guitar etc...

I promise next weekend i'll do some sound clips of each instrument/peice of gear so you can get an idea of what their like.

LTD-ex50 (modded)

Ok, so i mustve got this around this time last year, a local music 'Shop' were shutting down their electric guitar section to open up a whole big drum area (which i beleive is failing miserably) and i managed to get this in the sale before it shut. Its got a nice feel to it, and an extremley nice neck.. though i have done some serious work to it... the frets were stoned and crowned, and then maybe two days after i woke up and the 8th - 14th fret were all coming loose... still havent figured out why, but im guessing the stoning had just loosened them slightly. Nothing else has been changed on the guitar, except for the volume/tone knobs, which are now green

Im changing the guitars hardware to light green, i've already ordered the machine heads, bridge and pickup covers.. Grover machine heads will be going on there, and the repair shop i work at, the finishing guy there is going to spray them the right colour (but properly, i aint getting no half-assed job on this thing)

I'm also considering some new pickups, the standard lh-100's are just not giving me enough tone, too warm on the neck, too tinny on the bridge. so if any of you guys want to have a guess at what should go in there, that would be nice im thinking barenuckle pickups, but they dont sell the 'Knuckleduster' yet.

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Somthing i Forgot to add, is a sticker i got at last years Music Live... i just put it on the back... i dont know why. I cut it where the electronics plate is, heres a couple of pics to show...

Im not really a big fan of 'adhesives' on guitars, i find it satanic, but this has become almost a 'feature' of my guitar, and i dont know why but it looks odd without it.

i thought i'd show and tell for novelty value

yes i know it goes over the edges of the electronics plate, so with handy use of the craft knife, i cut around it, so heres it with the plate off... for you people who dont understand

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I keep forgetting little minor details that make it a queer guitar

The green knobs go up to 11... how poser is that?

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Originally posted by leaping badger
Nice guitar, i love it, except possibly the tone and volume controls, looks a bit strange. Oh well at least you know it's yours

Did you say the volume goes up to 11?

Very Spynal tap

isnt it Spinal...

yeah they go up to 11... makes the guitar one louder

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I have some green plates already sorted.. i want to go with high output passive, and dimarzio's never really took my fancy. Barenuckle and Seymour Duncan are really what im looking at.. Custom Custom and Invader sound nice together, im not really liking the idea of going with classic matches like JB/59
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Cool, so now this is stickied (thanks) i guess i'll get on with the next piece

Ibanez Roadstar2 Deluxe

'Ibanez - The Ultimate Expression of Craftmanship'

This was actually a bargain, funnily enough. I'd gotten a Epi Goth Explorer for christmas, which by january had a massive crack round the neck (it had always been there, i'd just been too in awe to notice it). So i took it and epi sent a new one back, but it just wasnt the same, in the shop i'd been noodling around for an hour on this thing, and it was playing really kickass... coil tapped on both pickups (turned on/off by push/pull pots). But anyway, as i know the guys in the shop (i now work there) they took the epi off me for the same price it was origionally bought for (£450) and this guitar was 50 quid cheaper, so i walked out with this and £50 worth of strings

the epi explorer however is still hanging in the shop... waiting to be bought... i compensated for it with the LTD

As far as ibanez were willing to tell me, its a 1982 deluxe model, and was made in Fungu Sangaki (sp?) factory in Japan, and through further research/playing of my own, i deem that all cool ibanez guitars are/were made there.

the necks really nice to play, nice feel at it fits my hand really well, i dont know how to describe it, but you can feel the virbation of the note throughout the whole guitar, its got a very good natural tone to it. Not sure about the wood though.. its heavy for what it is so im guessing Mahogany.

The trem system says Kahler on it in various places, and this was confirmed by ibanez when i sent them an email... however it wasnt an origional feature of the guitar (dont ask me how ibanez know its a kahler then), It looks a pretty big thing, but it dosen't do as much as a normal strat trem system, except it stays in tune.

heres a quick picture of it

i'll probably remember somthing i shouldve told you in a minute or to, but one thing i can remember is that Marty, in the first Back to the Future film played this model guitar (it was red, right at the beggining in the band audition scene). Speculation as to wether he was just posing though

its not a lefty, just tilt yet head

Proof its made in japan, a fact im proud of

'The Ultimate Expression of Craftmanship'

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i'll try get you a closer shot, its actually three lines

the thrid ones in the middle and is faint, i dont think its shown up.

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Originally posted by WyldeGibsonPlyr
^That would have been and superb idea.

If nobody else has done a featured Rig by then i probably still will... if not i'll post it anyway

except the following tonight:

Zakk Wylde lp
Cube 30 bass
Cube 30 guitar

the day after:

various pedals
boss br1600cd <--- you know you want it
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aha, tough luck on getting it stolen and thanks HopePosioned for the adivce, ill check those out.

just as a final note on the roadstar, it reminds me of Duffs fender bass in the first velvet revolver video... i dont know much about it, but the whole look and binding are similar.

anyway, onto the next 'Piece'

Epi/Gibson Nighthawk

Ok, so this was my "First" guitar, and i say that widley.. i had an encore strat and an acoustic before it, but i played neither.. they were as most begginer rig is, a pile of donkey cack, and just *shudders*

so anyway, i managed to get hold of this, for quite a bargain, and with lots of history

It was origionally sold to Rockshack (yes as i state again, the same place where i now work) in 2001, by a semi-proffesional and session blues and jazz musician called somthing like Chip McCain (no, their isnt a pun intended in his name). So anyway, it looks like he did a lot of work to it, and its had some serious playing. When i bought it the frets were worn, so there was an initial stone/crown job there, and it wasnt earthed that well... so i re-wired the whole thing.

It has a coil tap for the bridge 'slanted' humbucker, a feature which wasnt origionally built into the guitar, but now, for my playing, serves a big purpose. I never quite identified the pickups, they say OML on them.. but various emails to epiphone prove nothing of use. All aroud its quite bassy feel, especially on the neck position.

lets see.. as far as i've found out this guitar was made in 1992 and won 'Most Versatile' guitar award, for its range of sounds (very good, but nothing compared to modern technology, like BBKings Little Lucile model of the nighthawk. And it was also a hit with players who liked lighter guitars, weighing in at only 3.7kg.

The 'un-succes' of this guitar is due to the fact that after only two years, Gibson released the whole range under the Epiphone name, and release 7 different variables by early 1994, and people were too confused as to what model to buy. They also couldnt keep up with high demand of the Standard model, which i beleive is now valued at around £700 for the lucky ones who can find them. The model i own is a Custom, and i guess from playing this and a Standard its only fractionally different, The inlays and mid-position single pickup are the only differences.

Some idiot dropped it summer last year and i'm waiting still to just re-finish over that spot...

Notice how all the hardware was origionally gold and is now faded, thats another job for this summer. Lambretta are chroming all the hardware for me.. so its going to be super nice... and fucking expensive.

so heres some pics.. anything i leave out i'll probably post. and if you want any more pics/info just ask. the rest of the gear will be coming tomorow and thursday and friday. I'm slow and this thread dosent seem to be moving much

(Invalid img)

and that nasty, nasty dent!

(Invalid img)
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Originally posted by WyldeGibsonPlyr
Wow, thats preety nice. I wish I worked at a music shop.

correction: Guitar & Repair shop

Ok i guess i'll hint at whats next, but you're not getting a post about it until tommorow

Notice how i string it over the tailpeice like Zakk does, i asked his technician, fred kowalo, on the zw message boards about this, and he said it increases sustain and allows easier, more clear Pinch harmonics

it works aswell

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Ok... so really what can i say about this...

Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Custom

The last of the guitars, for now at least (i will post my bass nearer the end). But dont worry, theres more things to be posted!

My two main guitars are probably this and the explorer, this always coming out tops. I use it for all my recordings, all the concerts etc.. its just a brilliant guitar. But unfortunatley i cant talk about it much. I know it was built in 1999 and bought by some emo kid locally who thought he could have a shot at metal. He gigged it and dropped it, resulting in two nasty cracks. Not serious enough for me to get it re-finished in an way. Pretty good bargain, it was in the shop less than a day when i got it, £450 it cost me, and except for the chip it's mint.. case and all

As i've already said, i string it like zakk does, if you're going to get a peice of signature gear.... you might aswell treat it like it is one. TBH i didnt buy it because it was zakks though, its this guitar that got me into listening to BLS (i'd already been an ozzy fan, but more of the RR stuff)

Lets see, some specs (oh this is going to be short)

The emg's are kickass, i'd never actually played emg's before this very much, and to say their passive they kick some serious ass. I rarley use the neck distorted, but it has a very clean, warm tone when its running through a clean channel, and the only word i can think to describe it is 'Tonage'. Same on the bridge, i do all the heavy widdly crap on the bridge p/up, the only thing that i dont like is somtimes a bit too bassy, but i bit of an EQ change can sort that one out.

The shaved neck is nice, but its got a clear finish on it which is just as thick as a normal satin finish, so its got no real advantage, just looks.. but for a korean epiphone, the frets are nice, the neck has little problems, and i'd say its a decent little axe.

I'm going to try out the Buzzsaw and Camo versions when i can order a few in. They shouldnt play any different though .

so heres some pics.. any questions, once again, just ask!

The crack in the finish

and for you serial-buffs, heres a shot of the serial number

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I cant really say that much about it, i bought it out of various birthday moneys etc...

and its not strictly belonging in the Electric Guitar forum, but its still part of my rig so NERNERNERNER

Ibanez - BTB400Q

Pretty good active bass. nice neck, nice bridge (or bridges should we say).

Not much of a bass player, but i can play it and all my recordings i play bass so here it is.

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OK so today i got two new pedals.

Boss oc-3

Pretty nice little box, I only have it set to 'Poly' for a straight out octave sound, never really use the double-octave feature (plays 1 octave and two octaves down), it always sounds a bit all over the place. I dont intend to record anything with it (even though i will for you guys to hear), it just mainly a fun peice of rig to play with at night when you're bored.

Boss GE-7

The only EQ i currently have is on my amp, 3 band isnt really distinct enough for me, so i went with this tiny little 7-band boss package. The only problem i'm having is running it with distortion, it gets a bit too bassy, i'm going to have to figure out that problem, but i reckon its partly to do with the Multi-effects i'm getting my distortion off, its kinda bassy to begin with. I'm thinking of finding a really kickass dst pedal and selling off the multi unit.

The paramters are all set in the middle because i've literally took this picture as soon as it was out of the box

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Boss ME-50

Ok well i really cant say much about this, its kinda nice, brilliant if you're just starting out with effects and want a good idea of what you're looking for

*paused writing because somone just drove into, and knocked down the lampost outside my house*

ok so back to the topic, i cant really describe this as a whole, so i will take photos of individual units, and describe why i use that setting, and then some other useful/cool settings


I have it set to MT-2, i never use the variation button on that (if you notice, next to each main boss 'classification' theres another word (next to mt-2 it says metal), thats just like another 'bank', the 'Metal' isnt really that usefull, its craploads of fuzzy and trebly distortion.. i've never personally used it.

So anyway, i have it set to mt-2, on nearly full gain, just before you get to the ' turbo' area. As i said before, the bass-end on this thing is really high, so i have 'Bottom' set about mid, and the tone a bit past mid-point. Level varies depending on what i'm playing/where i'm playing. The only three others on this i use are 'Natural', a very clean, clapton-like distortion, Hi-Gain, set right to turbo gives me a very michael-angelo style tone, very middly. Nice and 'smooth'. And then for more hair-metal stuff i use Loud (a variation on the DS-1). Pretty kickass, not too much bass.. i'd use it more often if it had enough bass end to do pinch harmonics on, but when you boost the 'bottom' it gets very fizzy and caps out too much.


Dont use any modulation much, only chorus when it comes to it, for chilled out, relaxed, but spacey solos. I like it to sound a bit out of tune, so the depth/harmony is set just under midpoint. The rate can get quite fast, but i like it more chilled, so its once again, just under half. Set to 0 its kind of 'constant' which gets a bit scratchy.

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dont really use delay as much as i used to, but this is kickass if you want to get some wierd sounds. I remember doing a school concert and it was a wierd spaced track, and i set it to 'Space-Pan', set the 'Time' to about midpoint and it mustve easily carried on for 30 minutes, it gradually got quieter but yeah, kickass delay.

When i'm playing with it on its set somwhere around 255/250. Some other stuff is the 'Hold' feature which can sustain a note as long as your foot is pressed on the pedal, and the 'Tap' one, which is basically a 'Set your own delay time by tapping the pedal' format.


Dont use sustainer, when i use tone-modify (only when i'm playiong with no distortion) its set to Hollow, it has a cool sound.

I never really tocuh the Noise Surpressor, its just set to quarter and it does its job there. Then theres reverb, which is just set a tad onto hall, i like reverb on this thing, i'm probably going to buy a seperate reverb rack soon though, to get some decent parameters on one.

The expression pedal dosent get used much, only wah. The rest are fun to mess around with, but i have a desgnated octave pedal, and the rest arent good enough for what they should do. I'm even tempted to buy a seperate wah pedal.

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Originally posted by SGloserkid

I had a friend do it on his Paul, and because your stringing from a higher point, the tension on the bridge is alot less. As a result, it carved out the string routings on the bridge so now they're a very wide v and the strings move around alot. Not good.

it shoudlnt carve out the string routing, if anything its keeping them more stable, because the tailpeice brake angle is less. IMO, he is using too thick a guage string, and has got the action way too high. But seriously, tune-o-matic bridges are designed NOT to be affected by action/tension/string rubbing, therefore it shouldnt be affected no matter what you change, unless you put a ****en metal file to it.
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i'm only using two practice amps at the minute. Looking at upping them REALLY soon though.

i will post them tommorow, along with somthing else ^_^
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I already have th3e EMG ZW set in my ZW les paul (have you read the whole thing?) and i'm considering changing them to some seymour zebras.
Ug's Stupidest Member of the Year - 2005
Ok, well tommorow night i PROMISE you i will have soundclips up, and then on tuesday i will do my amps.

I then go on holiday on wednesday and will not post for two weeks, but rest assured, i will have a couple of things to add after then! (i'll pm beat and tell him i'll be away but this thread still needs finishing)

Tommorow night though i'm putting some new strings on my ZW les paul, and no i wont be stringing it the Wylde way. Im going to be having it tuned B to b because of these strings i bought (la bella 13 - 60's), which means a radical setup and truss adjustments, plus shaving down the nut slots to fit the much thicker strings (i use 10's an all my guitars prior to this).

i will update tommorow to tell you how that goes, with, soundclips.

So expect a major update tommorow (the post wont be long, but it will have a link to my dmusic site with soundclips on)
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Ok guys, i've pm'd beat telling him im going away for two weeks, i have some stuff to post when i get back.

sorry about not posting amps, recording equipment and sound files yet, i have had too much coursework to do.

Keep hanging on until i get back dudes!
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Ok well i was on holiday, and i've been a bit busy with work etc.. SO heres some pictures of the rest of my rig, with no information whatsoever

Boss Br-1600CD

I like it, and i do a lot of recordings on it which never go much further than my room, but it has ****loads of effects banks, i dont know why i need pedals/amps and stuff at the minute, i can just plug straight into this and get anything i want.

and then theres the speakers which go with it (westfield diamond pro 8.1's)

and i had no deskspace, so me and my dad made some shelves for them, as seen here

(Invalid img)
(Invalid img)

their pretty nice, the tones really crisp and real, no interferance, and the make the oddest sounds when you turn them off, as if their zipping themselves up for the night. If i could go back and buy them again though, i'd get the additional 'ambience' speakers for surround sound.

And thats about it for deeg's guitar ****, for now. In the coming months i will have some cool peices of gear coming through my door, which i wish i could post about, but i doubt this thread will still be up by then. The next thing i have to get on with for you guys is sound clips, and with me working now, they may take a while.

oh yeah..... amps

at the minute, one of the peices of gear which should be coming through my door is a nice 2x14 cabinet, and i have a randall x2 warhead on back-order. For now i use these two amp's, both be roland, Cube 30 for guitar and Cube30b, for bass. I doubt i'll ever upgrade the bass one, i'm not a bass player, i just... have it

and a couple o' quick pictures of their knob positions


(Invalid img)

Bass Cube

(Invalid img)
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I spent 4 hours on the phone to AllParts yesterday at work, trying to find some new chrome pickup rings and bridge for it.. nobody in the world makes the pickup rings...

but with the cash i had i ordered two new pickups for my Explorer, i settled on an Invader in the bridge and 'The Jazz' in the neck... so they should arrive wednesday ^_^
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Nope, i like to have some drive in the bridge, be able to switch to the neck and do some open strumming, some jazz chords, some clean fingerpicking. The full shred woudl be no use to me.. i dont shred, its a widdly sport which sounds crap clean.
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Well, tommorow im going to have some new pictures. Today the pickups arrived and i'm in the process of fitting them. I also got a chrome bridge and knobs for the explorer... i went of the GREEN idea, and thought the chrome looked really nice, so its only some little bits, i have the rest on order.. but eventually it will look really flash, and sound good, with the new weapons in it.

So yeah, chrome knobs and stopbar.. soon to be chrome pickup rings, machine head and tuneomatic aswell.

I also got my hands on a new Mini-Samick acoustic. Their brilliant little things, loud as a normal acoustic, and not too small. The best thing for the backseat of a car, in a camper or on your sofa! their just the right size, and play great. Trade price it was £54, which is baffling, i mean take this into account, it has grover machine heads on it, which cost £50, daddario EXP's which cost £7 (i'm working on trade prices here, not retail prices), and thats more than the trade price in itself, and we've not even added manufacturing and wood and other costs... so their rediculously cheap and 100% brilliance.

i'll have the pictures tommorow...
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Ok so i decided against going all green giant on my explorer, it looked too much like one of steve vai's guitars, and instead, i went all chrome. Now i ordered chrome pickup rings, knobs, bridge and stopbar and machineheads.

but unfortunatley for me, the grovers are not in stock, and the majority of the parts are back-ordered for a few months. So all i have is the knobs and the stop-bar. Heres a quick picture of it now

I also managed to do somthing about the fading gold plates on the nighthawk, now i spent 30 minutes on the phone to rosetti and all parts UK on monday, to no prevail, nobody makes chrome (OR ANY COLOUR) parts for Nighthawks anymore, so i had to take some action of my own. T-Cut, Toilet Roll and 3 hours of rubbing action.

heres what it used to look like:

And the results after todays effort

It dosent show up that well, but really, its a big improvment. The gold finish on the machine heads are too thick to ware off, and their odd shape to t-cut it off, so i've ordered some of the new key-style grovers and i'm going to fit them.

And as i said the other day COOL SAMICK MINI-ACOUSTIC


and it has grovers ^_^

and for extra added fun, and african drum... Dembeh (pronounced with a J and sp?)

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Originally posted by Master Of Shred
Yes your LTD looks awesome. Plays/sounds awesome as well ? Altough I am missing the green pups

heh... the pickups arent going to be green anymore, but i'm doing a bit of a customisation thing on my ltd at the minute.

On monday, my two pickups of choice will arrive SD Invader (bridge) SD 'THe Jazz' (neck), and like all duncan pickups, they come with capacitors and wires, so you can coil tap them, i will be adding two coil tap switches to my explorer and making both pickups coil tapped. I decided against push/pull pots, i have them on my roadstar, and you cant tell what its set to without playing it.

I will have pictures for that next wednesday i think... thats when i'm going to fit them. And yes, it plays like a dream, its one of those guitars which i picked up and it was like, it felt so right for me.

i cant wait till all my chrome peices arrive...
Ug's Stupidest Member of the Year - 2005

they kick ass... by the way. I never expected the invader and the jazz to work so well... but they kick serious ass. Soundclips will all come next week (of all guitars on all settings), but for now, heres some pictUrzZz

just a shot of the pickups both inplace... The guitar make-over isnt finished, the chrome tuneomatic and switchpeice hasnt arrived from allparts yet, same with the stopbar posts. I found out grover are doing the new key-shaped tuners aswell, so i ordered a set of chrome ones of them to finish off the chrome make-over on the nighthawk, and a set of chrome button shaped ones (the standard grover shape) for the explorer. MMMMMMM...

(Invalid img)

The jazz (why does the zebra pattern work so well?). I toyed with the idea of coil-tapping this thing, but whats the point in all my guitars doing everything?

(Invalid img)

And the invader, its so powerfull, its got a much crisper sound than the emg's in the Les Paul, they seem so muddy and warm compared to this bad boy, im thinking about getting two new pickups for that (they'll have to be zebra to match the bodyart), maybe a full shred and an invader? i dont know yet... just an idea) Some input on that idea would be appreciated, i also have a les paul body (a proper gibson body and neck of the 89 custom model) which is a bit battered about and dosent have any pickups/hardware and a little headstock break (nothing that i cant fix) which somone might sell me for about £30... anyone got any ideas with what i should maybe do with that if i get it?

(Invalid img)
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this one?

btw guys - guess what im doing now? RECORDING SOUNDCLIPS!

what im doing is going through all pickups settings on clean, then going onto distorted channel and doing the same, on every guitar, and im messing with the treble etc all the time with it.

SO it will take tonight to record and upload, i'll link you to the dmusic page i created for them
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