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Depends I guess, everyone has a view on 'good'. All this shit is on rotation still at my pad...

Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers
House of Pain - Same as it Ever Was (underrated as hell!)
Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Luniz - Operation Stackola
Black Monks - Secrets of the Hidden Temple
Funkdoobiest - Brothas Doobie
Cypress Hill - Black Sunday / Temples of Boom
2Pac - All Eyez on Me
Got a much longer list.....ask if you want more...
Large mixing machinery manufacturer, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd creates all kinds of professional mixing equipment: concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, screw conveyor ready mix concrete plant, etc..

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Our reversing drum concrete mixer is also called JZC concrete mixer, which is driven by the ring gear to mix. The drum rotates clockwise during mixing and anticlockwise during discharging. The mixer can mix plasticity and damp half-dry concrete. Its applications are very wide. It can be used in highway construction, construction Concrete Batching Plants, water conservancy and other concrete products factories.

This type of concrete mixer is the more advanced model at home which belongs to a double-conic reversing discharge drum concrete mixer. It is electric control lifting funnel type and it is featured by reasonable structural design, high production efficiency, beautiful appearance. It can move by using wheels and has flexible rotation, good mixing quality, economical and practical, convenient operation, etc..

DASWELL Machinery Co mobile concrete mixing batch plant, Ltd bases on users’ experience and JZC mobile concrete mixer completely be produced according to users’ demand. It is convenient to move in small areas. It has fast discharging speed and uses hopper going up and down to load materials which reduces the labor intensity.

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Professional concrete mixer machinery manufacturer - Henan DASWELL Machinery Co. Portable concrete mixer SICOMA twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, Ltd has been founded for some years. Today, we will tell you forced type concrete mixer development history and technical innovation.

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Compulsory concrete mixer obtained the rapid development and popularization from the early nineteen fifties when compulsory concrete mixer began to rise.

The disk vertical shaft compulsory concrete mixer appeared firstly. This series concrete mixer is divided into two types: turboprop type and planetary type. After 1970s, appeared a circular groove horizontal shaft type forced concrete mixer along with the application of lightweight aggregate. It also has two types: single horizontal shaft type concrete mixer and double horizontal shaft type concrete mixer and it is characterized by self-falling or forced mixing. The line speed of mixing blade is slow and concrete mixer has good wear resistance and low energy consumption, so it got rapid development.

The rotating arm frame of forced type concrete mixer is equipped with stirring blades, so the materials added into the barrel form a cross concrete streams under the stirring blades strong mixing. This way of mixing is stronger than that of self-falling concrete mixer.

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Users should guarantee that meter and indicating signal is accurate and reliable. The concrete mixer console should be padded of rubber plate or dry wood. Transmission mechanism and working devices, such as brakes should be reliable and tight to guarantee the normal work.

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Run concrete mixer without loading and check the rotating direction of the mixing drum and blades. Guarantee the operation and braking of each working device to confirm the normal operation, then users can start working. When hopper rises, strictly prohibit working under the concrete mixer.

When feeding, no head or hand reaches into the gap between hopper and the rack. During operation SICOMA concrete twin shaft mixer concrete mixing machine prices, shall not put into the stirring barrel and discharge the material by hand or tool. Aggregate specifications should be consistent with the concrete mixer, and aggregate beyond the scope of license shall not be used.

During concrete mixer operations, if failure happens and can not continue running, users should be immediately cut off the power and clean the concrete inside the mixing drum.

Feed materials to the concrete mixer should be in operation. When adding new materials, users must discharge original concrete.Users shall not stop concrete mixer halfway or start mixer when the mixer was full loaded.

After the operation concrete batching plant, users will timely discharge the water storage in water tank and pipeline, and clean and maintain concrete mixer and clean up the work site. If the operator has to enter the cylinder to clean concrete mixer, the power must be cut off. After the operation, users should descend hopper to the hopper pit.

Hope these concrete mixer safety operation rules are helpful to you!

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