I've had this amp for months, but I don't know what the Contour knob does... Help...
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I think it makes the noise slightly more "rounded", like vintage Marshalls or Fenders. What sort of amp is it? Have you tried playing with it at different settings?
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have you tried turning the knob and seeing what the difference is? i got the same thing on mine, not too sure what it is either, i think its the same as voice on my old amp.

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contour normally (not always) is the opposite of mids: i.e. if you turn the contour up to 10, it's the same as turning mids down to 0, and vice versa.
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Contour, I'm not sure exactly what it does with your amp, appears to have many different variations as to what it does with sound, but it does affect bands of sound, kind of like an EQ. I've seen graphs of what they do and they seem to vary, but I don't remember where I've seen them, now, either. Sorry. It mainly will just affect how your amp sounds.
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contour is your mids. You can have a scooped out mids which means you turn them right down.
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The distinctive rising and falling patterns of pitch, tone, or stress.
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Contour is basically your cheapo, one-knob equalizer. More contour will give you a more twangy trebly sound, while less gives you a warmer bassy sound.

What's the amp model?

The only amps I've seen that on are MG's. Turning it all the way down makes it sound like several heavy blankets were thrown over the speaker.
Contour functions similarly to the tone knobs on guitars with only one tone knob.
10-7: Magnify progressively lower treble frequencies (10 being highest treble, 7 being lower treble)
6-4 : Magnify progressively lower middle frequencies (6 being upper mids, 4 being lowest mids)
3-0: Magnify progressively lower bass frequencies (3 being upper bass, 0 being lowest bass)
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bearing in mind what a 'contour' is - if you a picture a graph where your eq is mapped out in a line - the 'contour' takes out the mid - the 'contour' knob on the MG series has the same function as the 'scoop' button on the AVT series of marshall amps - taking out the mid range of your sound in order to give you that heavy metal sound.
on your amp - turn the bass and treble right up - then put the contour to 10 with heavy gain - welcome to metallica land. turn the contour right down and you will hear a muffly nasal quality comin out of your amp - this is your midrange!! find a happy medium - and add a little extra mid range when playing live - or else you guitar sound wont cut through the mix.....
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CONTOUR- Adjusts the overall tone quality of the DRIVE channel. Low CONTOUR setting will emphasize mid frequencies. A higher setting will notch the midrange to produce the “crunch” sound characteristic in most heavy metal music. -Efrain
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CONTOUR- Adjusts the overall tone quality of the DRIVE channel. Low CONTOUR setting will emphasize mid frequencies. A higher setting will notch the midrange to produce the “crunch” sound characteristic in most heavy metal music. -Efrain

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