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Hey guys, I'm a freelance singer specialized in rock/metal but very versatile. Due to a very high amount of work lately I'm only available to record already written vocal lines, don't have time to write unfortunately. Here's a video so you can check my voice and recording quality. There's plenty more at my channel.
Hello fellow musicians! I'm a female musician looking to do some collab work! I'm a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and I program drum tracks. I love pretty much every genre, so that's not an issue. I'm also open to just tossing around ideas if you aren't sure what you want to do yet. You can check out my soundcloud below!

So I'm a guitarist and songwriter from Houston and I was wondering if there was anyone who was looking for some cool shit to do. I've linked 11 original songs below, some of them need words, some just vocals, all need drums. Now you might be thinking right now, "okay bro, but I still don't give a fuck". Well, I'm looking for some of you insanely talented people out there to help me. I'm not going to pay you (please, I'm a musician) but, if you're badass as hell then maybe we could work together. If you write lyrics and melodies, take these and write some; if you play drums then just have a jam and record it and send it to me; if you enjoy sound mastering then by all means download these and fuck with them. All I really want is some talented people who want something to do.

I'm a chill kind of guy, you can download these and screw with them to your hearts content. The recording quality is shit, I'm not that great of a guitar player, and some of these were made up while I was recording them. I'm a better guitar player than these recordings would lead you to believe but I'm no Yngwie Malmsteen. If you're interested then click the links, download the songs, fuck with them, and then send me an email of what you did. Do them all, do only one, pick and choose a few, I don't care, just enjoy yourself. There are dozens more where these came from if you're interested. If my band won't play my songs then fuck it, someone will.
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Another thing. I will master your tracks for free if you want. Just email me each recorded track at

Bro, get with me. I'm your man if you want to master shit. I've got over a hundred poorly recorded songs that could use that magic that is your skills.

Check it out and let me know if you're down.

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Hi, all. I am putting together an online collaboration for a melodic death metal demo of 3 or 4 songs. Right now, a keyboardist and I are working together and we need a vocalist. Preferably someone who can do screaming vocals in higher register (Like Norther or Children of Bodom). Although, deep vocals similar to Amon Amarth would also work.

Here's a link to a demo track:
Hello there!

I'm a guitar player/songwriter from the land of ice and snow,also known as Finland.

As the title suggests,I'm looking for someone to sing on my acoustic song. In order to qualify,your recording needs to have quality,a.k.a use a pop filter and a proper microphone. Naturally,I'd also like to hear your singing before we agree to cooperate,provide me with a link to your Soundcloud,Youtube channel,etc.

The song is quite dark and melancholic (and not even finished yet,actually),listen to songs from Opeth's album Damnation for reference. My personal favorite clean singers are Mikael Åkerfeldt and James Labrie,you don't have to (and I don't even want you to! ) sound like those guys,but I'm looking for someone with a similar approach. The lyrics are written by me (or you if you have something better!) and I'll do the mixing too.

Lastly,I'm (unfortunately) quite busy with the real life at the moment,so I can't give you an exact schedule. If you're interested,hit me up with a private message here on UG and we'll talk.

I make all kinds of music,check out my Soundcloud (in my signature) for reference!

PS:Naturally,there's no money involved,I do this for fun!
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2 Shadows VIDEO!! these guys are opening for September Mourning tomorrow night!!
Hi guys.

I've been listening to Ayreon and I'm loving it. I've made a song similar to Ayreon, kind of prog metal and stuff. I'm looking for a drummer to collab in a video and maybe on some more tracks in the same style I'm planing on making.

So if you like Ayreon and if you think you can do something similar (or even better) to what I did with the sample on this track, feel free to email me or send me a message.

Here it is:

My email:

P/s: It doesn't have a name yet, but it'll get one.
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Hi everyone. Like a month ago I finished this Instrumental/Karaoke version of a well-known acoustic Oasis song: "Talk Tonight".  

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It sounds kinda OK for me but I cannot seem to find proper vocals to put over it and finish the track. 

I sent it to two pretty good singers who worked with me before but their voces and their style didn´t really fit the tune. I tried singing it myself as well and didn´t really work out  too. 

So... If you´re interested in having some fun putting your voice to this track and finish this cover, write me and we can settle it. Of course there´s no money involved but for those who might be interested: Not only this could be a constructive musical experience, but consider this as some sort of promotional chance too, because I´ll upload it to my YT channel giving proper credit to the singer, a channel which already has over 650 pretty active subs from different parts of the world and around 115.000 views (This can be short numbers for some people but significant to others). 

I hope someone catches up this one. Greetings!