So in an attempt to clean up, organize, and possibly improve this forum, it's appearance and it's material, we are going to start enforcing some long-forgotten rules. First order of business is TITLES!

Once upon a time, everyone was required to include the tag of what exactly your riff is, and now, more than ever with the number of programs and formats to digitally represent your incarnation of a musical piece, I'm sure people would like to know what programs they need to run these files, if any, before they click on your thread. Otherwise, it's a waste of a click (and I'm a big supporter of saving mouse clicks) and a few seconds (or minutes, if you're a Mac user ) of others' time.

So, hereafter all thread titles must include format tag, including but not limited to the following examples:

[tab] or [TAB]
[Guitar Pro] or [GP#]
[PowerTab] or [PT]

Understand? Cool. Have a fantastic afternoon. I'll let this sink in for a few days so people can read this, but after that, the threads not adhering to this will be deleted, no questions asked.

- The Mods
Just to extend what spike's said, although it isn't a requirement (i.e. we won't delete threads that fail to do this), an informative title will get you more thread views.

That means NO "A new tab, come look!" type titles... no-one will care. Add the genre, the style, a name, ANYTHING beyond the standard rubbish titles. People will be more interested to crit your work if you've shown that you've put some thought into the thread... harder you think, more they'll view.
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