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i know metallica did on most of st. anger except invisible kid ( g# d# g# c# f a# kirk also uses an esp viper baritone for this song) the unnamed feeling ( a# f a# d# g c) and godsmack does on songs such as awake, i stand alone etc. and disturbed did on songs such as indestructable, inside the fire etc.
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These guys play in drop C

Holy shit your band sucks even more than the average UGer band

Also, nice job at pretending you're not in the band when you have a massive link to them in your sig.

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I'll bump it again but only to make a suggestion. Why not have stickys for bands that play specific tuning. That would be pretty cool. I really like playing drop c and drop c# because I love the heavy tone. I know I could listen to a song and figure it out myself but if I had a list to refer to, I'd probably find a lot of bands I like that I've never heard before. I'll throw in a few I didn't see.
Mudvayne, haste the day, some thrice and trust company. A few I can pick off the top of my head happy strumming!
Bands in Drop C....

Confide, A Day to remember, for today, Make me famous, Close to home, Our last night
Asking Alexandria, falling in reverse, escape the fate, black veil brides, a day to remember, eatmewhileimhot,of mice and men. . some of My darkest days, some of eyes set to kill. i think memphis may fire and iwrestledabearonce does but too not sure.
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A lot of metalcore bands use it. Additionally, Metallica used it for most of St Anger, Children of Bodom have it in some songs and Pantera use it in a couple of songs.

Mostly modern hardcore bands use it I guess.

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lupinitic korn is with a 7 string ..

Also, the tuning is ADGCFAD, which they've used their entire career.
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