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They rock! I heard Pursuit of Vikings and Twilight of the Thunder Gods on Youtube. \m/
Their cover of "Balls to the Wall" is fantastic

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Goin to see these guys tomorrow... anyone been to one of their shows recently?

EDIT: Hell I just read the last page... sounds like Im gonna have a good time! I even have money for drinks & time to go early & grab me a table... have me a nice stoned-drunk sit for the show!
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I checked out one of their videos on Youtube and they are very good. I like the way they play up the Viking aspect. It goes great with the music.

Sounds really professional, great job! I'm more than impressed.

I've been getting back into AA lately, such an awesome band.
What's the best album I should start on with Amon Amarth? I've never listened to them before, but I'm worried about it sounding very generic. >.>

Just give me good recs.
I don't know, like, they are the band I see talked about so much by fans of later Arch Enemy and Korpiklanni...whatever that folk band was. So it made me think they weren't worth looking into.

I shall get on that and report back.

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Sounds really professional, great job! I'm more than impressed.

I've been getting back into AA lately, such an awesome band.

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I am reporting back.

Good album, at points I was reminded of Disarmonia Mundi in the guitar tone and Omnium gatherum with the vocals. I was expecting a big folk nordic vibe, which is probably what really made me not want to give them a go in the first place, but I enjoy their obvious Swedish Melodeath sound.

It's also cool that Peter Tagtgren helped with the mixing of the album.
Glad you enjoyed it, it's pretty awesome.

AA is vastly superior to Arch Enemy and Korpiklaani, no competition. And no, there aren't really any folk overtones in the guitars or anything. You can't really go wrong with any album either, just a consistently solid fucking band.
Yeah, Arch Enemy are not that cool and Korpiklaani (sorry to anyone who enjoys them) are dumb.

Amon Amarth, as Nick said consistently make great records. Even though their lyrics are sort of lame at points, the songwriting always follows a well thought out process and the songs are just groovy. Glad you enjoyed it though!
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I will admit, I do love AE's Stigmata album, beastly record. I'm looking into The Crusher now and I've decided to learn how to play Bastards Of A Lying Breed since I got my 7-String out. Song is fun as hell.
-Just listened to Twilight of the thunder god out of curiosity. Hadn't even heard of the band before. New favorite band.
I dunno I've been getting more into bands like Arch Enemy myself and listen to Amon Amarth much less than I used to. Probably been said before but I view AA as like the AC/DC of melodeath, always awesome, but at the same time you can always tell exactly what they're going to put out next.

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Amon Amarth is cool.

Yeah, I agree. Although initially I did not like them, but I've changed my mind since then.

Versus the World is awesome. Probably my favorite Amon Amarth album so far out of the ones I've listened to.
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New album soon

I've started tabibng it, and rather annoyingly at least one song is tuned to D standard, not the ssual B. Tabbing wit hout a guitar ftw
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I love these guys, they sound great and do amazing covers, you should listen to their other stuff, they've done covers of songs by Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth, At The Gates and In Flames.

The sole fact that I should be busy as hell this week (being graduation week) and that I have now listened to the album 4-5 times in a row proves how much amazing it is.

Rare are the songs that give me shivers, but Under Siege moved me so much, I was hypnotized the first time I heard it, and in a similar trance everytime I've heard it so far.
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I had to go to Ear Doctor after one of my friend gave me a playlist of Amon Amarth. Reallly it is.