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my favorite album by led zeppelin would be Led Zeppelin 2 .

This guy It's so hard to decide though but Led Zeppelin II is totally up there.

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So 'crunk and 'gandhi are already pussy-whipped, impressive.

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you just think they're being mean to you because you have fragile girl feelings
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We thought it was brilliant, would love to have been there. I thought the sound system almost made it sound like a real gig but at no point did I think it was too loud. You must be getting old my friend lol.

I have been thinking this myself. Feels bad man
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Anyone know what the new Led Zep movie is all about? Is it something Page etc. have officially endorsed or is it just a case of piling some old tapes together to make a bit more money...

It's a recording of them playing the one off gig in 2007.
I really enjoyed "In My Time Of Dying" and "No Quarter". The rest of the gig met my expectations. Totally worth it.
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Is the dvd set with the bonus dvd getting a mass release? Or is it only available if you pre order it?
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