Now i decided to choose something a little different for this weeks GOTW, i have a freind who owns a vintage guitar shop and has recieved a Fender strat copy, but its not an ordinary strat. Its a Bender Distortocaster! Its true some guy has litrally made a strat that looks like its been very much distorted and melted and so forth.
It has standard strat specs,
3 single coils
syncrhonised trem
Maple neck
5 way selector
Now i have to say this instrument isent much of a looker, but i can tell you now its one of the most comfortable and best playing instruments i have ever played! i dont know how but its intonated perfectly, i man named brain eastwood has designed and built these for a long time, and i have to say he must be a mathmatical genuis everything is perfect! the trem works well, it stays in tune, and is more comfortable to play then your average fender!

Despite the seemingly impossible appearance of the instrument, it actually functions like a normal top-notch electric, thanks to numerous unique aspects of the design. Quality of construction and components ensures that this is not just a looker - playability and sounds are equally impressive. Visually, the BENDER DISTORTORCASTER obviously speaks for itself, but here are just some of the not-so-apparent details concerning this larger than-life instrument: The body is constructed from synthetic moulded halves bonded to a full-length central core of obeche. This method provides strength, reduces weight and ensures manufacturing consistency. The all-maple neck incorporates a fully-adjustable truss-rod and, in addition to the various optical distortions, features a lateral twist to aid string-bending in the higher positions. Armstrong 'Vintage' single-coils are fitted as standard, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the real thing. The centre unit is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum-cancelling operation when combined with neck or bridge pickups. The middle control progressively blends centre and bridge pickups in series-humbucker mode, providing high-powered tonal variation. The other two controls comprise master volume and tone.
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Hey gang, after a brief conversation with beat, I brought up the idea of having an uger of the week, where a guitarist who browses these forums can write about themselves show off all of their equipment and tell us about them. So if anyone wants to write one then pm I and get put on the waiting list.

Anyway all about me!

My names rob, I?m 18 I come from Bristol and I am a confessed guitar collector.
I started playing last year in July. It was my 17th birthday and I had been pestering my parents to buy me a guitar and amp for about 12 months considering I always wanted to learn.
I chose a vintage telecaster with a honher panther 20 watt amp. My uncle also bought me a boss me-30 multi effects pedal.
I erm, wasn?t the best at all. It took me about a month and a half to learn power chords and after that I thought "wow this guitar playing is a bit of an easy lark aint it?" of course, I thought this was all I needed to learn

At that time I decided that I wanted to sound a bit heavier and considering it I had a telecaster, I thought ....hmmmm
So the twang banger was quickly exchanged for a Seymour Duncan hot rails mini humbucker, now this is one powerful piece of kit. When put through a traynor ycv80 at the shop I was gobsmacked, it sounded so much heavier and alot longer from a sustain this was the beginning of my much famed \M/ Tele \M/ ((copyrighted)) when I got back home from my then current girlfriends house ((*****)) I tried out through my hohner... I was very disappointed, at that time I was so new to guitar playing, and I didn?t know that the amp was the important thing. Luckily with crimbo around the corner my dad spotted a 65 watt custom sound keyboard amp in a local pawn shop for £55, so he bought it for me crimbo present! Thanks dad! I loved this amp, it was so much louder, and my power chords were thumping through the single 15inch speaker. What I did like about this amp was that there were 4 inputs so my mate used it for his bass as well and handled it quite well at low levels. The ultimate gigging tool in my opinion, a multi use amp!
One day my power chord days came to an end, when a 14 year old girl came over played my guitar and whooped my ass, I was like: O what the **** are those? Yup that?s right, she was playing chords. She taught me a few and left I thoroughly humiliated ((cries)).
So this steeled me, and I started learning chords. I still haven?t learnt their names to this day, and I prolly never will, but I know what sounds good in my mind. About last February I considered getting a new guitar, so I went to Cardiff to see "sum41 \M/" one of my fave bands and in my opinion quite original these days. And I spotted a cheap "goffic" strat for £99, it played...ok through a good amp, I only really bought it for its looks. I took it home after the gig.

My god what a pile of ****e it was.
It sounded very good clean, that nearly saved it. But it wasn?t good enough; it was poorly constructed and badly set up.
So I chucked that in for a new squeeze. A godin radiator, brand new for about £350. My god great guitar, excellent clean not so good disto but I loved it, the neck was the most comfortable ever played and it was an excellent rhythm guitar. A dream.
Fast forwarding a few months, during that time I put in 2 fernandes sustainers one after the other into my tele and they burnt out. But I did manage to put a coil tap into it which gave it back its twang. I picked up some single stomps, a boss compressor, a boss v wah, an old arbiter treble booster. Also I picked up a Stagg M bass which I love. It?s a lovely looking bass, not the best player but the sound is very heavy thanks to the dual musicman humbuckers and the great jazz gold hardware and placid blue body stands out.

Then I realised, my amp was going to blow if it was put through continued abuse. It had been faithful but it was rattling and I didn?t want to blow it. So it was out looking for a new amp. I came across an old 80?s laney single channel 50 watt valve amp with a broken volume pot which crackled really badly when turned and practically exploded the amp, so I took it for £150 ((a right bobby dazzler)) and lobbed it up to my mates shop to get it sorted for a fiver, its one bloody loud mother ****er. It roars like a marshall albeit with less gain and features. But for £150 for an all valve 2x12 combo i am not complaining at all.

At this time I was experimenting with solos and bought a keyboard to learn some piano pieces ((which I have still neglected to do.)) chords had started to become easier and I became an accomplished rhythm guitarist, the day I played dire straits ?money for nothing? was probably what my dad described as ?the best thing you?ll probably ever achieve son?.
Thanks dad
To cut a long story short, I bought a squire katana and put a Seymour Duncan trembucker in the bridge, good sound, at this point me and streamline were thinking of building two les pauls from old parts and seeing which one would be better. So I said ?screw that i am going to buy my own les Paul? so I did, a beautiful epiphone les Paul limited edition nuclear xtreme. Its set neck and great sustain made me buy it, it played great looked great, the best guitar i've ever owned. Unfortunately I had to part exchange the katana to get it! Damnit! Oh well. After streamline got thoroughly jealous and pissed off, streamline was happy for me.
And now we come to present day. Under streamlines tutelage i am starting to shred, although not out and out metal as he does, i am more a classic rock fan. So glam is top of the order with my playing style, although my laying style has evolved a lot over the past year and a half, I can play practically any style with some degree of skill and I can?t wait to see what the next few years bring.

At time of writing, the godin has gone, and part exchanged for an indie ijr dragon. Which is my GOTW at the moment? Lovely. It?s such a pimp guitar (Y). Also i am looking for a new project guitar with many things considering, like an old airline, not completely dissimilar to jack white jb hutto. And an Ibanez rg 350 dx. Also my \M/ tele is in the shop getting a midi pickup fitted after buying a ?vintage? 1982 midi system. I?ll let you know how that turns out.

Many people don?t like the fact I spend a lot of money on guitars at such an early stage of guitar playing, but I think I am a rather good player for the time spent learning. The equipment has brought me closer to guitar playing and it gives me an extra incentive to play by having good equipment. I don?t consider myself the best obviously. But I want to be.
I?ve been in one or two bands but i am currently bandless because, there simply aren?t enough people playing around here! I get the occasionally call but nothing that interests me.

My top guitar influences are:

John frusciante - Rhcp
Justin hawkins - The Darkness
Dave "brownsound" - sum 41
The guitarists out of the scorpions
Matthew bellamy - muse ((who im seeing tonight))
Yan - British sea power

Dream guitar - Gibson les paul custom in white, gold hardware and black binding

Ok as an update i put a clip up of me improvising, right click and click "save target" here
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Heres some of my old equipment, my godin, a gremlin acoustic, my \M/ tele. the stagg bass, my laney valve amp, my custom sound amp. my keyboard. and my katana

more pics are coming there way
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well..anyway, lol id rather get back to the subject on hand ....me lol . And no, my parents arent stinking rich, nor am i. I work 20-30 hours a week at a local sainsburys and pretty much all my money goes into guitars. Its lucky that im straight edge and dont smoke or drink or do drugs ((never done any of those things)) so that i wouldnt have to spend my money it on those ^^. My parents have only ever bought me my telecaster, everything else was hand earned and sweated over . Heres the total prices of what everything should cost.
Telecaster + hohner 20 watt - £160
Seymour duncan hot rails - £80
2 burned out fernandes sustainers - £360?
Coil tap/brass nut - £10
Roland gk1 midi pickup and roland gm-70 rack mount - £200
Godin radiator - Stagg goffic strat, hohner 20 watt and £250. rrp of £450
Stagg goffic strat - £99
Stagg M Bass - £170
Gremlin acoustic- £40
Squier katana - £210
Seymour duncan trembucker - £50
Epiphone les paul nuclear xtreme limited edition - Squier katana and £280..rrp £500
Indie IJR Dragon - Godin radiator + £447. rrp £700
Custom sound colt 65k amp - £55. rrp £300
Laney Va 50 stereo combo valve amp - £150. rrp £700
Boss me-30, boss cs-3 compressor, boss ac-2 acoustic simulator, boss pw-10 wah wah, arbiter treble booster. - £500
Casio ctk-631 keyboard - £90. rrp £200

So yeah thats the current prices. Oh also for services, and parts and labour i must have spent ummm, £200 at least. so thats about £4900 worth of stuff.

ok heres a picture of my lovely pimping les paul.
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this GOTW will focus on the original, high end Japanese RG models. no korean Ibeenhads allowed. sorry.

this GOTW has been prompted by me buying an Ibanez RG, on ebay...... for $350. Thats cheaper than my WH-1! the guitar is so good, i decided its about ****ing time someone writes a GOTW on such a well known, yet somehow completely GOTW-wise ignored axe.

well, lets talk about the history of ibanez briefly.

according to some sources, Ibanez can be traced back to Spain, to pre-WW2 period. assuming this to be true, following defeat of Japan in the war, followed by the fast economic and industrial growth, the company relocated there. [or maybe Ibanez is just an Japanese maker from the start].

Ibanez started out with basic Gibson and Fender copies - the 70's/80's lawsuit period. Making standards were high from even them - hence the need for the lawsuit from Gibsons point of view.

anyway, Ibanez developed their guitars, then came the Roadster. this established Ibanez as a good guitar maker, which was popular with metal heads.

then in 1986, the RG was born (not literally....... lol). The RG had not always had its deep cutaways and 24 fret necks - some RG's (mostly early models) were still strat copies in shape, but had a FR and humbuckers, but these are very rare, and out of proudction once the now 'classic' RG look / shape was launched.

the RG had basically offered the metal heads everything they wanted - 24 easily accessible frets, a Floyd Rose bridge, insane paintjobs, humbuckers (DiMarzio especially, DiMarzio and Ibanez guitars are almost synonumous in the dictionary of any shredder. true enough there are some exceptions such as that SD OFR freak by the name of SV something ) the 'superstrat' styling of the RG was breakthrough, so was the thin wizard neck; so was the Japanese quality and relatively low prices.

i mean the fact taht so many shredders and metal players use (or used) RG's is a testament to teh instrument itself. What is more, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Rob Beach had signature models made as modified RG's (though it is debatable regarding Steve Vai, some sources claim RG's to be launched as a simply more affordable version of the JEM....).

here are the pictures of those signature RG-based models.

it could be said that without RG's, the 80's metal era would not have been the same. i mean a shredder in the 80's would HAVE to have skin tight clothes, long hair, and a wildly coloured ibanez RG! [warning, wild generalization], but even so, RG is easily the one guitar MOST associated with shred and metal.

the guitars themselves have these specs:

-basswood body (90% of cases, other 10% being mahogany and alder on some special / signature RGs)
-maple neck (Wizard I, or the even thinner Wizard II)
-rosewood or maple fretboard
-edge / lo-trs tremolo bridge
- H-H or H-S-H pickup configuration

this gives a lot of versatility, and basswood is a great wood, the tone is very clear and precise, and this really lets the pickups shape the tone much more than on say mahogany... it is also very light. downside is taht its rather soft.

another interesting thing is that Ibanez refused to ever offer OFR's on any of their guitars. they always put on teh licensed ibanez floyds (there have been many models, edges and trs or all sorts....) and actually, these Floyds held up amazingly well, as i myself, Def and many others can testify. However a few years back, ibanez decided they wanted to save a few cents on each guitar, so they stopped introducing locking studs..... and began using what SV calls 'korean mystery metal'. saddles made out of this metal have actually broken and snapped during whammy dives...... tahts how bad. newer ibanez Floyds dont hold tune any more....... basically they are just horrible, so the praise of Ibanez FR's only applies to older models (i am not sure of teh exact year of the change - can someone post this?).

and basically, RG's are comfortable, versatile, look great, feel great, the neck does let your fingers fly (its very flat, 16 degree radius on most models i believe), also its quite wide, compared to fenders... but basically most people agree taht this neck feels great, though some do say it IS too thin.... but the Original Wizard I has just the right thickness IMO, whereas the WII is on the slim side i think.

anyway, RG's have pretty much stayed the same - albeit the introduction of the AANJ (all access neck joint). here is a comparison of an original heel, and the AANJ.

i own the pink one, and i've played many AANJ RG's and i dont really think the AANJ is that much on improvement - yet in my opinion (well my ears think this ) AANJ guitars have less sustain - due to less surface to surface contact of neck and body i imagine.... but really it isnt taht noticealble.

another new thing that has been changed on new RG's is that now some RG's are neckthru - RGT42 - i'm yet to play one of those, but from my previous experience with neckthru;s, it doesnt really add that much so sustain or anything.

also, RG's have traditionally been solid colour finished; firstly coz its hard to dye wood pink, lol and secondly because basswood is not that pleasant looking - it has next to no grain, its very plain and has green streaks across it........ not very nice. but it is a great tonewood, tahts for sure.

anyway, here;s a brief guide to RG model numbers (awaiting SV corrections )

RG4xx and above are Japanese made, below are korean (the hardware and general quality on those is quite a lot poorer than on the Jap versions);

RGx5x means it has a maple fingeroard

RGxxxDX means it has sharktooth inlay..

RGxx5 means its H-S-S

RGx2x means it H-H

RGxx1 means its a hardtail (whats the bloody point of that )

tahts the older RG's, newer ones just have an extra 1 or 2 shoved on, but they're the same e.g. RG1550; though there are further subclassifications.....

that shoudl cover history and sounds, lol.

now for my RG.

purple / pink metallic hairmetal beauty!

its an RG570, built in 1991; with a non-AANJ neck. i bought it for cheap, though had some customs and shipping charge... yet it still came out cheap for teh quality of the instrument.

the bridge humbucker has been replaced to a DiMarzio PAF Pro, it sounds amazing, like my Evolutions, but with a little power rolled off (thanks korn_maniac for definition). The neck + mid p-ups are quite rubbish, so will be changed after i sort out my rack amp rig...

the floyd is a bloody good one! and teh overall condition is great for a 13 year old guitar. the colour is soooo cool. i love this axe

now, i am aware several more UGers have Jap RG's, so i've taken the liberty of posting pics i've found of Def's RG (red one) and Turin's RG (blue one) and my one (purple / pink)..... obviously i'm encouraging anyone to post pics of THEIR RG, no ibanez / music123 pictures allowed (SV get your damn act together and get a camera )

what also makes mine, Def's and Turin's RGs special is the porno hair metal colour!! i've done a little collage

well taht's it dudes, peace out

i'm too ****ing tired to type anything else.

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here are the pictures of those signature RG-based models.

John Petrucci model:

Steve Vai (10th anniversary model)

Rob Beach model:

Paul Gilbert model (sorry couldnt get better pics):

i'm posting these here coz UG wont allow me to make a post with more than 2 img tags....

Hello all, I finally got off my lazy ass and did this.

Jackson RR5 (pro series)

I got this about a year and a half ago. Its been my main axe ever since, in part because I don't own a lot of good guitars, but also because of its kickassness for what I play.

ITS HIDEOUSLY DIRTY I KNOW . I'll clean it soon and then maybe post newer, cleaner pics of it.

Made in Japan
22 Frets
Alder Body
2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way selector
SD JB's in both positions
Alder body, maple neck thru construction. Rosewood fretboard with MOP sharkinfin inlays.
Solid black with gold hardware, also available in white with black pin stripes, trans red, and trans blue, trans brown and natural.
JT390 tune-o-matic bridge, string thru body.
25.5" scale neck, jumbo frets

I've always really liked Randy Rhoads and his guitars, so when I found this on the shelf at long & mquade (canadian music store), I couldn't resist picking it up. I tried it out, having never played an RR styled guitar before. V shaped guitars have a reputation of being hard to play whilst sitting down, but I actually find it pretty comfortable. The smaller V-horn fits perfectly on my thigh, so its easy to get into a kind of classical guitar position. However, I still find it most comfortable to play standing up (as I do with all guitars really).
It has the RR body shape, as I've already gone over sort of, so it looks pretty sexeh for sure . The trademark sharkfin inlays also kind of add to the look. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the mother of pearl looks very nice, nicer than most other guitars I've played. Nice and easy fret access. Not only that, It's very well balanced, I haven't really experianced any neck dive or anything at all. Its fairly light as well. Only real downside - its length. Its a very long guitar, and I don't really trust gig bags a lot, so the case I have to carry around is huuge! I pity the poor soul who'll have to be my roady some day

Another semi interesting feature is the strap pins - they're freaking huge. I doubt I'll ever need strap locks on it, although I may get some "just in case". It kind of makes it a pain to put on/change straps though, so I usually leave the strap on even when its in the case.

The bridge and tuners seem sturdy enough, it doesn't go out of tune very often. I might eventually put on locking tuners though, just because I'm striving to make this the absolute perfect guitar (although its damn near close to being perfect stock ) Its a pretty handy guitar if you plan on changing tunings often like I do.

This guitar sounds pretty sweet too. One thing: this isn't a clean guitar with the stock pickups. Its made for higher gain rock and metal, and it does that fine for my tastes. I use hybird strings (heavy top, light bottom), and I get a nice chunky tone for riffs with the vibrato-ease pf light strings during lead bits. I run it into a crate gt212 (I know, I know. a new amp is next on my list.) and it delivers. I've played a few shows with it, nothing went wrong. The pickups sound good enough for me, although in the long run I plan to change them out for some Bareknuckles - again, the perfection thing .
Neck thru neck + string thru bridge makes sustain no problem. Its tones can pretty much range from EVH to Rhoads to heavy chugging riffs. As I said before, its not really a clean guitar. I can get a semi decent clean tone out of it, but I never really expected it to perform well clean. I played it through my dad's friend's vintage JCM800 the other day and I was like . Very cool.

anyways, bottom line: if you want a nice guitar for rock and metal with no retuning problems, a comfy body, and sleek looks, look no farther than the rr5. its really a great guitar. <3

anyhoo, any requests for additional pics/info, I can take care of. This will probably get stickied. I hope.
Hi gice, my dad bought me a couple of weeks ago a new guitar because I'm going to musiccollege next year, so here's a little review:

Vigier Excalibur Surfretter Special



Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 System (10% carbon with 90% naturally dried and aged maple wood), finished with a mat varnish.

Scale Lenght
25.6 in / 650 mm

Fretless Delta Metal?

9,84 in / 250 mm

Action as supplied at
12th fret treble .0039 in / 1 mm
12th fret bass .0047 in / 1.2 mm

Width of neck at
nut 1.65 in / 42 mm
12th "fret" 2.05 in / 52 mm

Depth of neck at
first "fret" .76 in / 19.5 mm
12th "fret" .90 in / 23 mm

String spacing at
nut 1.38 in / 35 mm
bridge 2.08 in / 53 mm


Two center-joined pieces of aged, solid, naturally dried and aged wood. (1.57 in / 40 mm thick) It has ver 10 coats of varnish finish, 1 month drying time. It weights for about 7.05 lbs. / 3,2 Kg.


Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge, Dimarzio Fast Track 1 in the middle and a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck. (These guitars come with real Dimarzios, pretty much all Vigiers really.)

My Opinion, and stuff

First of all, I'm pretty sure that not a lot of you have heard of Vigier, or ever played them. Vigier is a french company, where guitar gods like Shawn Lane, Ron Thal(Bumblefoot), Guthrie Govan and that Necrophagist dude play on. Also the bassist of Deep Purple, Roger Glover plays on the bass serie of Vigier, as well as Sabbath bass player Geezer Butler.

Overall, this guitar sounds amazing, of course. This totally beats the sh!t out of all the Ibanez, Fender and Jacksons that I have played. This brand make pretty much the best guitars you can find, (next to Suhr) and it plays pretty much prefect.

I chose this guitar (fretless) because I just like 'weird' guitars, probably a few of you might know that I play 7 stringed guitar as well, and I just like 'non-standard' guitars I guess, I played for about 12 Vigiers that day and in the end I took this one.

The fretless aspect

You have probably noticed that this guitar is fretless, well, you're right. You have to use flatwound or halfround strings on these things, instead of the roundwounds which you use on your Ibanez or Gibson for an example. I also use 12s, instead of 10s, on this guitar.

You can get a lot of cool sounds out of it, whammy bar effects without a whammy bar, wahwah effects without a wahwah, and much more.


Like I've mentioned it before, this is without a doubt in the top 3 of best guitar making compenies (sp?) in existences.

If you want to go out and buy one now, make sure that you have at least 2200 american dollars with you, because that's what the cheapest Vigier costs, mine costs 3100 americans, there is one other Vigier Fretless guitar, also a Surfretter, but a surfretter supra, which will cost you for about 2800.

Ok, that's it
Hey Guys! Asomodai gave me the go ahead to do it, so I am.

Ibanez S540LTD in Lipstick Red

I got this at Christmas time from my Dad and the rest of my family (My dad has played since he was my age and picked it out after I went around and narrowed it down). It was $350 used with a case at Daddy?s Junky Music. It has been my main guitar since then and I still today am still shocked by what I got for $350.

Body: Mahogany
Neck: Bolt-On One Piece Maple With a Bit of Flame
Fretboard: 22 Frets, Rosewood, Sharktooth Inlays, and a ?CUSTOM MADE? Inlay at the 21st fret
Bridge: Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge
Hardware: Black
Neck Hum ? IBZ F1
Middle Single ? IBZ C3
Bridge Hum ? IBZ F3
Controls: One Volume, One Tone, 5-Way Switch

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ibanez system for 5-Ways?
Positions for 5-Way:
One (All the way to the left when looking down) ? Neck Hum Alone
Two ? Neck Split into a Single and Middle Single
Three (Upright in the Middle) ? Middle Single Alone
Four ? Bridge Split into a Single and Middle Single
Five ? Bridge Hum Alone

Other Colors: Black, Blue, and Purple.

The Story:

Well when Christmas rolled around, I wanted a new guitar. I loved my Agile, but it lacked some things, like a Trem. I was in the process of looking, and used what I got last year for money as a guideline. I figured I would get something around $400. I was looking at the Agile 2500 with a Floyd, but I soon learned about the terrors of not so great Licensed Floyds. So I was looking for some sort of used RG 550/570, and while at Daddy?s, I picked up this. The thing is one of the thinnest, sleekest bodies I have ever seen, and its so, very light. I picked it up and started playing it, and the neck felt like a plank. I had been used to LP necks, and fatter necks. The Wizard neck is so thin and fast. Well, I didn?t know it, but my Dad bought it, and hid it in my house until Christmas in the case. I didn?t bother looking for it, because I could trust him to buy a nice guitar. When I got it on Christmas day I was more than overjoyed, and proceeded to play it all day for 3 days stopping occasionally to eat and sleep.

The serial number is F155849, and from what I gathered, that translates to?

It is Japanese Made in the Fujigen factory, in 1991, and it was the 55,849th to be made in 1991. It is one year younger than I am, and it still plays like a beast. IMO that?s a testament to the quality of Japanese Ibanezes. There is no S SERIES painted on the headstock, which is a bit odd to me, but the serial number matches. Ibanez Register.com pretty much gave me 90% of the technical facts about it.

The bridge, a Lo-Pro Edge, is rock solid. I tune it once when I change strings, and even thru the heaviest whammy use, it never goes out of tune. Never. Its 14 years old, and it never goes out of tune.

The bolt on neck actually sustains a decent amount. My Agile and the set neck does sustain longer, but it?s an LP. With some gain, it will sustain a long time.

The tuners are nice, but since the Locking Nut works like it should, it kinda makes them not that important other than changing strings.

The strap buttons were pretty average, so I threw some strap locks on. The knobs and pickup selector buzzed a little bit and gave a little bit of static, but I fixed that pretty easily. The action was very low when I got it, and it was set-up for like 12s, so when I switched to 9?s, it needed some adjustments, as all Floyds do. I have yet to have it professionally set-up, because it doesn?t need it.

The sound is great. I can pretty much pull off anything with this decently, and it does what I play most, which is Classic Rock, perfectly. The pickups are stock, and they are kinda muddy, and I do plan on changing them, but as I said, they are stock and Ibanez stock pickups aren?t exactly the greatest things in the world. Thru my big amp (Lab Series L11) it sounds great, way better than thru my Vox AD15VT, but thru the Vox it does sound great still. The single can get a great blues tone, but the whole only single bridge and neck with the middle pickup isn?t exactly the greatest thing in my eyes, so I do plan on adding some coil taps so I can get just the Bridge and Neck single.

In Closing:

This guitar is absolutely amazing for $350, and for 14 years old. It is almost completely mint condition (a few nicks and chips near the strap buttons, but other than that, perfect. If you ever find one in a shop, I highly suggest playing it and if you are in the market, consider buying one. I can?t say enough about this guitar.

If anyone has any other questions, or wants to see more pics, you can PM me.

Not sure if it was as Nice as Master Of Shred's Vigier, but there it is.

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