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My name is Steven. I live in West Bend and I am looking to start a Metal/Thrash Metal band. I play guitar. I am looking for another lead guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and a drummer. I am self taught, but I have recently been taking lessons. I have a lot of stuff written as well. I play in E Standard .
Hi, I'm Anthony from la Crosse. I'm 20 and looking to start/join a band, or find someone to jam with in the area. I'm looking to play rock or folkish style music. I play guitar, and can play bass. I'm looking to mostly make originals but some covers are welcome a well. Message me if you are interested.
Shield the Survivors is in need of a new vocalist, because of creative differences with the old vocalist. We are located in Oshkosh. We will all be juniors in college starting in the fall, we're all 20 years old. We sound like As I Lay Dying, Phinehas, Disturbed, Parkway Drive, Trivium etc. If anyone is interested feel free to contact the band.
Holy hell, a Wisconsin thread!

Well, I'm in Madison, and I'm starting a Post Rock band with another UG member. We're 23 and 22, but age of member doesn't matter. If you're in the area and like This Will Destroy You and Mogwai, PM me.
Wow! It's been almost a year since the last post. I guess music is dead in Wisconsin. C'mon, Wisconsin! Don't you want to play?
Here I go again. Where are you guys? I know there has to be more musicians in this area who want to connect. Get going! Start messaging. Music can't be dead even with Scott Walker trying to cut everything in the schools.