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More Elk pics

-ESP Green Flamed Flying V
The exact same as the red one, only has Corvette Racing Flags under the tailpiece and ?Fuel Injection? on the right side of the control knobs along the edge of the body

For ReLoad (studio + tour) he used basically the same, plus

-James Hetfield?s ESP Custom Eclipse #1
The basis for the JH3, this had many different versions. James moved the toggle switch down to the area w/ the rest of the controls, leaving the stock switch in the original place as a dummy for looks, because when he would play he would keep hitting it. It?s got racing flag inlays, with ?ESP? at the 12th fret, the normal Les Paul switch position, gold hardware, crème/black/crème binding, crème stripes/artwork, EMG 81/60, 2 vol 2 tone.


-Martin D28 Acoustic
Used during acoustic sets of ?Pour Re-Touring Me?

-National Reselectric
used on the same gig(s)

-National Style O Resonator
Used on the same gig(s)

Garage, Inc saw more of the same being used, mostly the Ken Lawrence & the SG though.

S&M had the Ken Lawrence & the ELK explorer being used.

Summer Sanitarium 2000 had ESP Eclipses, ESP Explorers, and ESP Flying V?s being used. There however was one new addition.

After ESP couldn?t make the Explorer style guitars, they made the EX style guitar, and tried making James use one of the EX?s to try and make them popular.

More JH4:

The Mission Impossible Soundtrack song (I Disappear) was done with the Diamond Plate Explorer w/ Deer Skull inlays.

For St. Anger James used LOTS of stuff, so this is only stuff that was seen in the studio.

-LTD Grynch
An LTD Baritone VB300 that James? friend painted sparkly green metallic flames on, to match one of his cars. Prototype of what would become the LTD Grynch signature.

-Black LTD Viper
The same as the above, but without the Grynch paintjob.

-Black Cherry ESP LTD H-207
The 7 string you see in the beginnings of SKOM, with some EMGs in there. He?s also got a black one.

-Black 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom
One of his new favorite guitars, this ?73 Les Paul Custom has a maple neck (like Zakk Wylde, Peter Frampton, etc also have) instead of a mahogany neck. It?s got a huge racing stripe, and a Maltese Cross/West Coast Customs cross. James did all the work on it himself. It?s got gold hardware, black knobs, and EMG 81/60.

-White ESP Explorer #2
The one that?s his favorite, it was around this time that it was all pimped out by PusHead.

-ESP Eclipse Kustom Kulture
This features Kustom Kulture ?tattoo? artwork done by the master, PusHead. It?s got a rosewood fingerboard, Maltese/West Coast Customs Cross inlays, 81/60, mahogany body.

-Diamond Plated ESP Explorer Chrome
Like the other Diamond Plated one, but chrome.

-Ken Lawrence Explorer #1
Above described

-Black Gibson Explorer ?Rusty?
A 1976 Gibson Explorer that?s been refinished to a satin black finish, with EMG 81/60, dot inlays on a rosewood fingerboard, green fiber optic side markers (that are activated when it?s plugged in). It?s got a rusted pickguard, vol/tone/3 way switch, all black hardware. James did the rust work on the pickguard himself. This isn?t a Gibson Goth, but a natural ?76 that James & his tech redid themselves.

6 string that James tunes to Drop C, used for Frantic, he?s got one with a normal black finish & one that?s see-thru black. String thru TOM, EMG 81/81, arrowhead inlays, 24 frets, Sperzel tuners, flame maple top.

-Tom Anderson Strat style guitar
Probably Kirk?s old one

-ESP LTD Viper 301
Done by the same guy who did the Grynch.

-Upright Bass
Who knows if it?s James?? But it was painted by the same dude who did the Grynch and the red one. My guess? James got it for Robert when Rob joined, just as a sign that says ?Hell, you?re a brother in the Metallica family now.?

(Invalid img)

Live stuff he used during the insanely long tours for St. Anger:

-Rusty the Gibbo Explorer
Description above

-The 1973 Les Paul
Description above

Description above

-ESP Custom Explorer (Snow White)
This is a new custom shop ESP, his same dealio with the maple neck thru, mahogany body, EMG 81/60, TonePros locking TOM, Sperzel locking tuners, ebony fretboard, possibly ?lucky charm? inlays, snow white paint job with black pin striping and artwork done by Dirty Donny based off of James? ideas.

-Ken Smith Explorer #1
Described above

-Ken Smith Explorer #2
The second Explorer Ken Lawrence made James, mahogany body with bubinga top, sun/ray inlays, EMG 81/60, orange fiber optic side markers.

-ESP Elk Explorer
Described above

-ESP LTD F300 Black
Described above

-Gibson Les Paul Custom Stock
Gold hardware, stock, except maybe for the pups.

-Gibson Les Paul Custom Purple Satin
Used live a whole heck of a ton, now has an EMG 81/60 setup

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-ESP Eclipse Tiki Guy
Either a custom or a standard, it?s black with a tiki dude under the bridge.

-Gibson Explorer w/ ?tallica stipe

-James 3 Custom Forests
James is done with the LTDs it seems, he?s got three custom 7 string Forests made. One?s got the PAPA HET inlays, one w/ the Maltese/WCC Cross, and one with flames.

-ESP Grey Eclipse

-Gibson Les Paul Purple ?Stripes?

-ESP Eclipse Black

It?s got EMGs in it instead of Seymour Duncans

-ESP Eclipse Grey ?TRUCKSTER? Prototype
This was an ESP Standard that James sanded the finish down on, then painted over in the design we now know as the Truckster. ESP Custom shop does the same thing, taking a standard model, sanding it down, and doing the Truckster mods to it.

-Old School Gibson Les Paul
An Old School LP

-ONE FINAL NOTE James collects guitars from 1963, the year of his birth. These don't really get used much, just something there for him to have.

Other stuff

James has the following straps:

Prototypes he tried out. They are now in production.

-Levy M8P3GP

-Peterson Strobe 420 Tuner

-Dunlop Tortex Green .88 Picks

-Some custom Yellow/Black picks (not sure of gauge)

-Ernie Ball .010-.046 Strings

-Ernie Ball .012-.056
Used for tuning down

-Audio-Technica microphones: AT4050 for guitars (old setup), AT4054 for vocals

Audio-Technica 2500 Artist Elite for guitars (actually a drum mic)

When James first went to EMG (around 87) he used 81/81, since the Black Album he?s used 81/60.

He likes a ?thin U? back shape for his necks, with a 42mm nut, a 320 mm radius, and ESP fretwire that?s very similar to Dunlop 6100.

Amps & Effects/Pedals

-Marshall SLP (100 watts)
Modified by Jose Arrendondo

-Marshall 4x12 cabs

-ProCat Rat Distortion

He used this setup for Kill ?Em All, and Ride the Lightning saw the loss of the ProCat Rat, the addition of an Ibanez TubeScreamer, and a replacement 100 watt Marshall head. This was the last time James used pedals, saying they were shitty for playing rhythm, even though Kirk used TubeScreamers for his solos (for cutting thru reasons).

The Studio work for Master of Puppets saw James getting a rig overhaul.

-Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+

-Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp

-Marshall JCM800

-Marshall JMP Heads

-Marshall 4x12 with 65 watt speakers

-Furman PQ4 Parametic EQ

-Ibanez Multi-Effects Box

-Mesa Boogie heads slaved into Marshalls

The live shows for Master of Puppets saw the following:

Rack 1
-Ampeg SVT Tube Head ? Used for Clean Tones (note: it?s a bass amp)

-Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Wide Head I
Not sure if it?s a Mark II

Rack 2

-Boss Pedal (dark blue
No clue what it does

-Boss Flanger

-ADA Footswitch

-Boss Tuner

-Rocktron Compressor/Limiter/Hush

-ADA 2FX Multi Effects Processor

-Ibanez UE400 Multi-FX

-2 Marshall JCM800s with horizontal inputs

For Garage Days James kept it very simple, a Boogie Mark IIc+ head, Mesa Marshall JMP Heads, a Marshall 4x12 cab, with Mesa Heads slaved into Marshalls.

The ?And Justice For All studio work saw some of the same with some new stuff thrown in.

-Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+

-Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp

-Marshall JMP/JCM Heads

-Roland JC120 Combo (clean tones)

-Marshall 4x12, Mesa 4x12, Mesa heads slaved to Marshalls

For the live stuff? here we go.

He appears to have used 2 Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ heads

He had 3 vertical parametric EQ/lunchbox (pedals?), the old ADA multi-effects, the Rocktron, and two Mesa Strategy 400s.

He kept the JC120 Combo.

The recording for the Black Album was much of the same.

He had the Mesa Mark IIc+, a Mesa Mark IV, a 100 watt Marshall head modified by Jose Arrendondo (I believe the same dude who modded his old Marshalls out back in the day), and kept around the JC120 combo.

He had an ADA MP1, an MQ1, an Aphex Parametric EQ, a Marshall 4x12, a Mesa 4x12, and a Mesa 2x12.

Live he used a Boss SE-50, the Mesa Mark IIc+, the ADA 2FX, Rocktron Juice Extractor, a Rocktron Patchmate, a Bradshaw switcher, a Mesa Studio Preamp, ADA MQ1, Aphex EQs, and the 2 Mesa Strategy 400s, and the JC120, along with the Marshall 1960 and the Mesa cabs.

By 93 he was using a Furman power conditioner, the ADA 2FX, the ADA MQ1, TWO Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, and a Strategy 400. His second rack had a MP1 preamp, the Mesa Studio Preamp, the MQ1, 3 the Aphex, Rocktron Patchmate & Bradshaw, and another Strategy 400.

Load was again not much change, the Mesa Mark IIC+, a Mesa Triaxis preamp, the Jose Marshall, JC120 Combos AND heads, a Matchless Spitfire, a Fender Twin, Magnavox 2x12 combo, a Roland Blues Cube, the Aphex EQ, and the Mesa/Marshall 4x12s.

For the Load tour, he had a custom made 20 piece rack set up. It had the following?

Juice Goose Grand Loop Control 320 (Power Strip)
Sony WRR-840 Wireless System
TC Electronics M2000 effects processor
Mesa Boogie Triaxis
Mesa Boogie Triaxis
Mesa Boogie Triaxis-EQ in loop
Mesa Boogie Triaxis-EQ in loop

Mesa Boogie Custom Graphic EQ (Into Triaxis)
Mesa Boogie Hi Gain amp switcher
Rocktron/Bradshaw RSB 12R Switching System with Remote
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 stereo power amp (Triaxis clean)
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 stereo power amp (Triaxis distorted)
Digitech Whammy pedal
Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth
MXR Phase 100

For ReLoad he used his Live Rack, the Mark II, a Wizard Modern Classic, a Vox AC30, the Roland JC120s, the Magnavox, the Marshall/Mesa cabs.

Live he used the same as above for live stuff. Garage Inc saw the same thing, only the Wizard heads & cabs in addition to his live rack, but since Wizards don?t work so good with EMGs, they aren?t around anymore. S&M saw the Wizard-less live rack.

With the very LONG process of recording St. Anger, James started accumulating lots of different amps.
-Diezel VH4
James? new recording amp. settings
-Mesa Boogie Triaxis
-Randall Cyclone (hardly ever used)
-Randall Titan (also hardly ever used)
-Marshall JCM800
-Marshall Mode 4 Hybrid Prototype
-Marshall JMP2203 (actually Kirk?s)
-Marshall 100 watt modded by Jose Arrendondo
-Wizard Modern Classic
-Roland JC120 combo
-Roland JC120H Head
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectofier
-Peavey 5150 ? settings (2x) (used in Presidio)
-Line 6 Flextone Head (used in Presidio)
-Marshall TSL
-Marshall DSL
-Marshall 4x12
-Mesa Boogie 4x12
-Wizard 4x12
-Bock Rock?s ?Oddball? Silvertone ? dirty cleans

Effects and stuff:
-Line 6 POD Pro
-Line 6 Duoverb
-Line 6 Modulation Pedal
-Line 6 Distortion Pedal
-Line 6 Delay Pedal
-Line 6 Filter Pedal
-Digitech Whammy
Live for St. Anger saw?

-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectofiers (not used, just for show)
-Rack 1
Furman Power Controller
Sony Wireless unit (2)
TC Electronics G-Major (2)
Mesa Boogie Triaxis (4)
Mesa Boogie Hi Gain Amp Switcher
DMC Switcher
-Rack 2
Furman Power Controller
Korg Tuner
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amp
-Rack 3
2 Diezel VH4?s

2003/2004 rig:
-Rack 1
Furman PL Pro Power Conditioner
Sony WRR-840 Wireless
TC Electronics G-Major (2)
Pedal Shelf with:
Line 6 DMF4 Distortion, MXR Phase 100, EH Bass Micro Synth, Digitech Whammy
Mesa Boogie Triaxis (4)
DMC GCX Audio Switcher (2)
Mesa Boogie High Gain Amp Switcher
Mesa Boogie Custom EQ (2)
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amp
-Rack 2
Roland JC120 Head
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner
Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amp
Diezel VH4 (2)
-Other stuff
DMC Ground Control Pro Midi Board
Peterson Strobe 520 Tuner
Boss CH1 Chorus
Audio Technica Microphone AT4050 for guitars, AT40504 Vocals
Audio Technica 2500 Artist Elite for Guitars (actually drum mic)
A&S Road cases
Backstage has a 2 channel Mesa Boogie rectifier & a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb Combo.

2005 in the Studio saw all the same stuff + A Krank Revolution + A Krank Krankenstein

2006 Stones Gigs had the same live racks as before, possibly with the Kranks.

The VH1 Hall of Fame show had the 2 channel triple Recto, and a Diezel VH4.

South African gigs are assumed to be the Diezel, the Rectofier, and a JC120. Might just be his Live Racks though.
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And finally, for a surprise? cuz what?s a Celeb Rig without suprises?

-Hetfield?s TATTOOS
-Iron Cross

-1963 Cards in Flames
Het got this one in the early 90s, on the Metallica/Guns N? Roses Tour. On one of the dates he got burned badly, and so he would always remember it he got 4 cards with the year of his birth on them, covered in flames like the ones that got him.

-Right Elbow tats

-Left Forearm

-His Kid?s Names

-Papa Het Emblem

-Left Arm

-Right Arm

-Back tattoos

-Right Forearms

FINALLY DONE... you may post.
Introduction: Jimmy Page is one of my all time favorite idols. His tone is great. This rig covers the Led Zeppelin days. For an interveiw of the rig visit:

Jimmy is very famous for many of his guitars, but he has loads of ?secret? guitars.

1958 Fender ?Dragon? Telecaster
Has an ash body and rosewood fretboard. This one was a gift from his then band member Jeff Beck. It is physchedelic has a dragon painted on it. Used during the days of The Yardbirds, ?Led Zeppelin I?, early tours, ?Heartbreaker? and the solo on ?Stairway to Heaven?.

(Invalid img)
(Invalid img)

Gibson J-200
Jimmy borrowed this one from Big Jim Sullivan. Used on recording of ?Led Zeppelin I?. He liked it more then his Harmony acoustic.

(Invalid img)
(Invalid img)

Fender 800 Pedal Steel
Used in the studio for ?Your Time Is Gonna Come? and ?Tangerine?.

(Invalid img)

Gibson Les Paul Custom ?Black Beuaty?
It had three humbuckers and a bigsby. Jimmy really liked it, but it was stolen. Used during 1970. It has been discussed that this is supposed to be the one used during ?Led Zeppelin II?. He issued an ad in Rolling Stone. But he hasnt got it back. Serial #: 06130

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1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard #1
It has been wildely discussed about this being a 59 or 58. Gibson Custom Shop has released the signature wich is based on this one and they claim it is a 59. Jimmy replaced the tuners with gold Grovers, shaved the neck so it would be elliptical (it was fatter at the top and thinner at the bottom, since he had modified it so much, the serial # has been lost), removed the bridge pickup cover and did a special wiring on it (He had two switches underneath the pickguard, one for series/ paralel and putting the pikups out of phase). This one can be seen in ?The Song Remains The Same? film. It has retired today. This is also the one wich the Gibson Custom Shop Jmmy Page Siganture model is based on.


The diagram of the Les Paul:

1958 Les Paul Standard #2
This one was a gift from Joe Walsh. It has been debated if this is a 58 or 59 but it is most certanly a 58. It had the same wiring as #1 and also had the same neck profile. He had fixed a special bridge for it (since it were his main bow guitar), wich was rounded, so he could play any string (not just the E?s). This one replaced #1 as his main guitar later on. It can be seen in ?The Song Remains The Same? film, for an example in Dazed And Confused, where he uses the violin bow on it. Serial #: 91703


Vox 12- String: Used on ?Thank You? in the studio.

No pictures
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Fender Electric 12- string: Used only in the studio (live he used the double neck). Used on ?Led Zeppelin IV? and after.


1971 Martin D- 28: Jimmys main acoustic. Used in studio and on tours.


Gibson EDS- 1275 SG Doubleneck: This is a real Jimmy Page classic. Many poeple has seen him with this double neck SG. This model was discounted at the time though, but Jimmy needed it live, so he got Gibson to start making them again (he was so big at the time, they knew they?d made money). It had one six string neck and one twelve string neck, meaning that you can easly switch from a six- string to a twelve- string, without swtiching guitar. Used live on ?Stairway To Heaven?, ?Tangerine? and ?The Song Remains The Same? and in the studio for ?Carouselambra?. Got very famous from the ?Song Remains The Same? film, where it used very famously on ?Stairway To Heaven?. Jimmy had also removed the pickup covers on the six string pickups. Serial #: 911117


Danelectro ?59 DC
This is actully two guitars! It had the best part of two Danelectros DC?s. It has a Badass bridge. This was mainly Jimmy?s slide guitar. Used live for ?Babe I?m Gonna Leave You?, ?White Summer/ Black Mountain Side?, ?In My Time of Dying? and ?Kashmir?.


Other guitars used by Jimmy:
Various Fender Stratocasters
Gibson SG?s
Gibson RD Artists
Rickenbacker 12- strings
Gibson Mandolin
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That covers the guitars. Now on to the thing that is the most coloring of your sound: The amp. Jimmy hasnt used alot of different amps. But here are the ones he used:

Supro 1690T Coronado: Used only in the studio. This was Jimmy?s secret amp (he used to call it that). A small 1x 12 combo. He had added an On/ Off switch for the tremolo. His Telecaster and Tone Bender went into this amp. It was used on ?Led Zeppelin I?, ?Heartbreaker? and the solo on ?Stairway To Heaven?.


Marshall 1959 Super Lead ?Plexi?: This one was used on ?Led Zeppelin II? and after. Jimmys main amp. It had the El- 34?s replaced to Kt- 66's, wich boosted the output. It had also been rewired so it would be 200 watt, isntead of 100 watt. He had Marshall 4x 12?s with Celestion Greenbacks hooked up to it.


Other amps:
Fender Super Reverbs: Used on early tours
Vox AC-30?s: Used on recording
Hiwatt 50 watt: Used on 1970 tour
Different Orange amps

Effects: Jimmy doesnt use alot of effects, but here are the ones he uses:

Sola Sound Tone Bender Fuzz: Used for Fuzz. Modified by Roger Mayer.


Vox Cry Baby wah wah: Jimmy has always used this one and still does.


Maestro Echoplex: Used on stage, for echo.


Theremin: Used to give a shrill sound. Used on ?Whole Lotta Love? and ?No Quarter?.

Seen on the Marshall picture, he holds it in his hand.

MXR Phase 90: Used on ?Wanton Song? and ?Achilles Last Stand?


MXR Blue Box:
Used to give an extra octave in "Fool In The Rain" solo.

Strings: Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, Ernie Ball Earthwoods
Picks: Herco Flex 75
Viola bow

That wraps it up. I tried to get as much as i could. It was hard to find pictures of the Les Pauls, since they look very similar i often couldnt see if it were #1 or #2.

Hope you enjoyed it! For reading.
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